Barcode Asset Management: Your Solution to Effortless Asset Tracking

Before delving into asset tracking and the significant impact of barcode scanning on its efficacy, let’s consider a simple question. How many assets are you managing in your industrial facility? Tens, hundreds, or thousands? If the number is relatively small, you might find manual, paper-based tracking satisfactory, though it may not be the most efficient or reliable method. This blog throws light on the importance of automated asset tracking, while talking about the role of a mobile barcode asset management solution in automating the entire gamut of asset management in optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Barcode Asset Management
Barcode Asset Management

Why Barcode Asset Management?

However, if you are maintaining few hundreds of assets, do you still rely on manual based processes? Imagine the plight of your technicians searching incessantly for a critical piece of equipment – the result, waste of productive hours, resources and of course the frustration that develops.

In other case, assume a front office executive struggling with outdated excel sheets recording the details of each asset, only to end-up with few discrepancies or missed entries. So, what are the lessons we learn from these stories? Is it not distressing and painful, hampering productivity and wasting thousands of dollars? What if a sudden audit happens and when the data in your books do not match with the actual asset count. You end up with severe penalties, lost productivity and above all hampering your organization’s reputation.

So, is there a way to come out of this mess that can help save money, resources, time and above all ensure peace of mind? Yes, that’s where barcode asset management solutions come into picture to optimize the way you track assets or ensure timely compliances.

Significance of Barcode Asset Management

In current industrial landscape, efficient asset management is no longer perceived as a luxury, but a real necessity. Organizations across various industries, whether manufacturing, oil & gas or mining depend on physical assets. With millions of assets under an organization’s belt, traditional, paper-based asset tracking processes fail to keep pace with the growing business demands. It is proved that manual processes are slow and always error-prone, which is critical for effective asset tracking. Barcode asset management will be a game-changer to achieve this. Let’s deep dive how!

How Barcode Asset Management Shows the Way in Effective Asset Tracking

It’s no wonder that barcode asset management is one of the greatest technological innovations in recent times, only to make the lives of millions of industrial workers, safe, happier and productive. Let’s explore some of the key benefits of barcode scanning in efficient asset management:

Cost Savings

The first and foremost an organization expects is how much money am I going to save by leveraging this technology. The answer is quite simple! You tend to save millions of dollars and how? Imagine your equipment getting lost or misplaced and manual tracking becomes tedious. With barcode scanning, you gain real-time visibility of your assets, so your chances of assets going missing is almost zero. The net result – you tend to save millions of dollars that is otherwise not recoverable when you apply manual scanning. On the other hand, when your asset data is accurate, you eliminate the headache of making overpayment on insurance and taxes.

Enhanced Efficiency

With barcode scanning in place, audits, inventory assessments and equipment location becomes as easy as sipping a cup of coffee. With a simple scan, you get to know the location of the asset, history and status in a jiffy. This ends up in quicker cycle times, minimized administrative burden and an empowered workforce.

High Level Data Quality and Integrity

With barcode scanning, you ensure high level data integrity, eliminating human errors during manual data entry. The result – you get a more reliable, accurate and a quality asset database. When your data is accurate, you can make informed decisions related to future asset utilization and investment.

Quick and Seamless Maintenance

With barcode scanning tagged to GPS technology, you can get real-time location and status updates of your assets. Whether an asset is available on your production floor or assigned remotely, barcode scanning lets you gain 360-degree visibility, enabling you to optimize asset utilization or proactively spearhead maintenance tasks, ensuring they are always in good condition.

The Power of Oracle Integration in Barcode Asset Mangement

If your organization is relying on an ERP system like Oracle for enterprise resource planning (ERP), integrating barcode scanning into your existing system takes you to an exciting world of automated asset management. When asset data gets synced seamlessly between your barcode system and Oracle, you eliminate manual entry, gain real-time insights and leverage the power of Oracle Maintenance Cloud for performing more complex asset management tasks.

Propel Apps’ EAM Solution for Effective Asset Tracking

Mobile barcode scanning, particularly when integrated with Oracle, offers a powerful solution for organizations of all sizes. In the next section, we’ll explore the specific benefits of mobile asset tracking with barcodes and how it addresses some of the most pressing pain points faced by businesses today.

Integrating barcode scanning technology into smart phones has ushered in a new era of industrial revolution in asset management. With a couple of EAM apps already creating waves in asset intensive industries, however, from a cost perspective, flexibility of customization, easy of usage and security, only few apps are generating the right buzz. One such solution is Propel Apps’ mobile EAM app that leverages the power of Oracle Maintenance Cloud to streamline your asset tracking processes, while helping you gain real-time visibility of your assets.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Interface: Propel Apps’ mobile EAM delivers a perfect, intuitive interface that eliminates training and empowers your workforce to start working on the app from day one. So, no more manual tracking or skimming through cumbersome spreadsheets, with mobile EAM solution, all this is a matter of past.
  • Security: What good an app if it doesn’t incorporate fool-proof security? As asset data is confidential, security is paramount in an era of cybercrimes. The app leverages the SQL cypher protocol that is used to encrypt all data exchanged between the mobile app and Oracle EBS EAM.
  • ESRI Map integration: Apart from leveraging the mobile camera for barcode scanning and GPS technology for asset tracking, additionally, ESRI-enabled maps provide an accurate and real-time representation of assets.
  • Delta-Sync: This is a unique feature of the app that syncs updated records, so the real-time updates between the mobile app and Oracle system will always be lightning fast.
  • Offline support: Since most of the technicians need to work across remote areas with limited access to internet, this app works even in offline mode without losing the crucial data.
  • 100% customizable: This solution enables 100% customization, so your organization can easily optimize its business processes without compromising on app support.
  • Scalability: Whether you have 20 users or 1000 users, you can scale up or down easily.

To know more about the Propel Apps’ EAM solution and how it can transform your asset management landscape, schedule a call today.


The integration of barcode asset management with systems like Oracle presents an exciting opportunity for organizations to revolutionize their asset tracking processes. Mobile solutions offer unparalleled accessibility, advanced data capture capabilities, and improved data quality.

Propel Apps’ EAM solution stands out for its intuitive interface, robust security measures, ESRI map integration, delta-sync feature, offline support, full customization, and scalability. By leveraging the power of Oracle Maintenance Cloud, this solution streamlines asset tracking, ensures real-time visibility, and empowers organizations to make informed decisions efficiently. Embracing mobile barcode asset management is key to staying competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape. Call us today!

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