Mobile Enterprise Asset Management: A Strategic Guide For Choosing The Right Solution Partner

In the dynamic landscape of enterprise resource planning, the integration of robust Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions has become imperative for organizations leveraging Oracle and SAP ERP systems. Propel Apps, with its innovative approach, offers a comprehensive mobile EAM solution designed to enhance workforce efficiency and streamline business operations. In this guide, we will delve into the key features and benefits of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM, exploring how it caters specifically to Oracle and SAP users.

Effective Business Results with Mobile Enterprise Asset Management

Propel Apps’ mobile EAM app enhances workforce communication and decision-making by providing access to work orders, asset history, notes, pictures, and location. Here are some aspects that make our mobile enterprise asset management solution a great choice:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

One of the foremost advantages of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM for Oracle and SAP users lies in its ability to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Traditional mobile solutions often incur additional expenses for third-party servers and maintenance costs. However, Propel Apps eliminates the need for such expenses, contributing to a more economical ownership model.

Offline-First Architecture

Propel Apps’ unique offline-first architecture is a game-changer for organizations aiming to minimize downtime. Technicians can seamlessly carry out their tasks for extended periods without connectivity, ensuring that asset functionality remains intact. This feature not only enhances operational resilience but also contributes to a more productive workforce.

Higher Adoption Rates

User adoption is a critical factor in the success of any enterprise software implementation. Propel Apps addresses this by offering a Mobile Asset Management solution with intuitive navigation and user-friendly tutorials. This approach ensures that end-users can easily grasp the functionality of the application, leading to higher adoption rates and improved overall efficiency.

Enhanced Performance with Node JS-based REST APIs

The offline-first architecture of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM is complemented by its use of Node JS-based REST APIs. This choice of technology mitigates the unreliability often associated with Oracle ISG, ensuring superior performance and reliability. Organizations can enjoy uninterrupted access to critical data without the risk of data loss.

Compliance Assurance

Meeting regulatory, legal, and safety norms is paramount for organizations operating in various industries. Propel Apps’ mobile EAM facilitates compliance by providing a structured solution that aligns with industry standards. This ensures that organizations can confidently manage their assets while adhering to the necessary regulations.

Superior Operational Efficiencies with Oracle EAM Integration

Integrating seamlessly with Oracle EAM, Propel Apps’ Mobile Asset Management solution contributes to superior operational efficiencies. By documenting work history and capturing real-time maintenance activity within Oracle EAM, organizations can optimize resource efficiency and enhance overall operational performance.

100% Customizability

Flexibility is a key component of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM solution. Organizations can customize the application to align with their unique business processes without compromising on support. This adaptability ensures that the mobile solution caters specifically to the organization’s needs, fostering a more efficient workflow.

Mastering Asset Management

Easier Dispatch and Work Order Management

Efficient dispatch of technicians is critical for timely and effective maintenance operations. Propel Apps’ Mobile Enterprise Asset Management solution simplifies this process by enabling technicians to receive mobile work orders with clear instructions and all necessary information. This streamlines site dispatch, contributing to overall operational agility.

Cutting-edge Features for Inventory Operations

Automation and instant visibility of inventory operations are pivotal for organizations seeking a competitive edge. Propel Apps’ Mobile Asset Management solution offers user-friendly features that automate inventory operations, providing real-time insights and enhancing overall inventory management.

Cross-Platform Compatibility and Security

Propel Apps’ commitment to security is evident through the use of the SQL cypher protocol to encrypt all data exchanged between the mobile app and Oracle EBS EAM. Additionally, the mobile EAM app seamlessly integrates with popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools such as Airwatch, Good, and Mobile Iron, ensuring cross-platform compatibility and robust security measures.

UX Analytics for Error Resolution

User experience analytics play a crucial role in addressing issues promptly. Propel Apps’ Mobile Enterprise Asset Management solution provides tailored end-user app training for users encountering errors while scanning, fostering a proactive approach to error resolution and user satisfaction.

Light Footprint and Quick Deployment

The deployment of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM solution is characterized by its light footprint. With no need for third-party servers or additional software installations, organizations can quickly deploy and maintain the solution, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.

Scalability for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether an organization has 20 users or 1000 users, Propel Apps’ Mobile Enterprise Asset Management solution is designed for scalability. This flexibility ensures that organizations can easily scale up or down based on their evolving business needs, providing a future-proof solution for varying user requirements.

Offline Support for Uninterrupted Operations

The availability of offline support is a crucial aspect of Propel Apps’ mobile EAM solution. Organizations can operate seamlessly even in environments with limited or no connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical data and functionality.

Custom-Made Solutions for Business Needs

Propel Apps recognizes that every organization has unique requirements. The mobile EAM solution offers advanced tools for customization, allowing organizations to tailor the application to their specific business needs without compromising on support or functionality.

Visualization with ESRI-enabled Maps

The integration of ESRI-enabled maps in Propel Apps’ EAM app provides organizations with an accurate and real-time representation of assets. This visualization enhances decision-making by providing a spatial context to asset management, contributing to improved overall operational efficiency.

Delta Sync for Lightning-Fast Updates

Real-time updates are essential for maintaining data accuracy and responsiveness. Propel Apps’ mobile EAM solution employs Delta Sync, ensuring lightning-fast synchronization of updated records between the mobile app and the backend. This feature contributes to the overall agility of asset management operations.

Smooth Upgradation Paths

Keeping pace with technological advancements is crucial for organizations. Propel Apps’ Mobile Asset Management solution facilitates smooth upgradation, allowing organizations to transition from older versions such as 11i to 12.2 or from 12.1/12.2 to Maintenance Cloud without redoing the entire project. This ensures that organizations can embrace the latest features and improvements seamlessly.

Mapping Integration with Google Maps and ESRI

The integration of work orders and asset visualization with Google Maps and ESRI is a testament to Propel Apps’ commitment to providing a comprehensive mobile EAM solution. This mapping integration enhances the spatial understanding of asset locations and contributes to more informed decision-making.

Final Words

In conclusion, Propel Apps‘ Mobile Asset Management solution emerges as the ultimate choice for Oracle and SAP users seeking to optimize their asset management processes. The robust features, offline capabilities, and seamless integration with Oracle EAM make it a versatile and indispensable tool for organizations aiming to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

With a focus on user-friendly design, scalability, and customization, Propel Apps’ mobile EAM solution sets a new standard for mobile asset management in the realm of enterprise resource planning. Embrace the future of asset management with Propel Apps, where innovation meets efficiency. Get in touch today.

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