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Manage Your Inventory with Our Mobile SCM Application

Warehousing is quite a labor-intensive process. Using Propel Apps’ mobile inventory management solution for Oracle ERP, your warehouse personnel can maintain the data, automate the inventory management and sync data to the main Oracle ERP system. This means your up-to-date inventory data is immediately available to your desktop and mobile users, enabling faster decision-making.


Improve warehouse operations visibility


Gain simple product storing and sorting capabilities


Manage complex fulfillment operations


Coordinate distribution center to the store shelf movement

SCM Moblize

Business Results

Millennials expect engaging workplace experiences rather than outdated hardware, software, or manuals. Propel Apps improves supply chain operations, increases user adoption, and reduces training time addressing labor issues alongside such as hiring, training, and efficiently using the app.

Run Operations in Autopilot Mode

Reduce IT support by running barcoding and inventory management solution in autopilot mode for minimal organization assistance.

24x7 Operations

Utilize industry's most robust architecture for 24x7 manufacturing and warehousing operations.

High Productivity with Offline-first Architecture

Our offline-first architecture ensures productivity even in non-WiFi zones & down Oracle, Cloud, or SAP servers.

100% Inventory Accuracy

Reduce errors, validate barcode data, and post transactions in real time using Oracle EBS, Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA.

Lower Operating Costs

Lower hardware, IT support, and business support costs. Seamlessly access our platform on smartphones or rugged devices.

Real-time Visibility

Easily track raw material and product movement, from procurement to manufacturing, and monitor inventory location and status.

Cutting-edge Features

Automate complex business processes with Propel Apps’ latest technology apt for the next-gen supply chain demands.

Label Printing

Integrate label printing into operations – print labels in less than a few hours


Capture information & produce labels instantly – supports 2D and QR barcodes

Scale Up To 10,000+ Users

With Node Express, server-based architecture, quantum scaling is just a simple affair


Supports any hardware platform like Zebra, Honeywell, & Getac on Android, or Windows OS

Third Party Systems

Integrate with any 3rd party systems (TMS, WMS, and more) in less than a few hours

Long-term Support for Oracle EBS

Replace Oracle MSCA telnet with our innovative solution – unlock your EBS investments


Propel Apps incorporate standards like OWASP, OASIS, and more to mitigate any vulnerabilities



Simplify warehouse operations with SAP S/4 HANA IM, WM, or EWM implementations


Search, select, or scan a document and do much more avoiding any complexity

Unprecedented Automation

Integrate independent steps into a single transaction or single steps into one scan

Robust Offline Capability

Never lose productivity –whether you are online or offline

Accelerate Oracle SCM Cloud Adoption

Simplify the user experience and unlock the full potential of Oracle SCM Cloud


Customize the platform – adapts to your backend ERP business logic dynamically


Supports local languages such as French, Spanish, and Arabic

Platform Functionality

Improve warehouse efficiency and speed up your business with human-like execution using the latest technology.


General Supply Chain Transactions

Create Purchase Requisition, Lot Split, Lot Merge, Expired Lot Report, and Serialization



Goods Receipt (PO, ASN, Shipments, Expense items, RMA, Inspection, Putaway, Supplier Returns, Asset Tagging, and Item cross reference scanning).

miscl. issue

Transfers/Internal Movements

Direct Org Transfer, Inter-org Transfer, Sub-inventory Transfer, Miscellaneous Issues, Receipts, and Move Order Transfers



Cycle Counts, Physical Counts, Project Counting, and Manual Cycle Counting



Pick Load, Pick Drop, Pack, Ship, BoL, Load Reports, POD, Order Tracking, Ship Proof Documentation, Ship Label Printing, Move Order Picking, Create Customer Returns, and Print Return Labels


Label Printing

Print Receipt Labels, Item Labels, Project/Task Labels, QR Code Labels, Shipping Labels, and LPN/HU Labels



LPN/HU Receipt, LPN/HU Move, LPN/HU Transfer, LPN/HU Counting, LPN/HU Pack, and LPN/HU Unpack



Receive materials for projects, Issue material to projects, Return materials to projects, Projects counting, Transfer materials from one project to another.



Issue materials to work orders, return materials to work orders, add by product (WIP -ve issue), WIP -ve return, WIP Assembly Move, work order complete, charge resources to work orders.



Issue material to maintenance work orders, return material from maintenance work orders.


Quality Management

Inspection plans for maintenance, inspection plans for inbound receipts, inspection plans for manufacturing work orders.



On-hand inquiry, LPN/HU inquiries, serial inquiries, Locator/Bin inquiry and lot/batch inquiry.

Mobile Barcoding Solution for Supply Chain Maturity

Want to take your supply chain eco-system to the next level? With Propel Apps’ mobile barcode solution, you can streamline complex supply chain processes for Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA while efficiently capturing and maintaining your barcode data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our solution experts are here to assist you with all you need to know about the app. Get started today.

Most of the organizations still rely on outdated, paper-based processes in managing their inventory and warehouse operations leading to inaccurate data, disgruntled workforce and poor inventory operations. To mitigate these problems and automate the inventory operations, a reliable mobile supply chain management solution is the need of the hour and Propel Apps is here to serve your needs.

Apart from English, this app supports local languages such as French, Spanish, and Arabic. However, we are in the process of adding more languages to make our app truly international.

Our supply chain management solution works even when you have poor internet connectivity, or you are completely offline. All transactions that you perform offline are still stored in the application and get synced to the Oracle or SAP database once you are immediately online.

Our app supports advanced encryption standards like OWASP, OASIS, and more to mitigate any vulnerabilities. Rest assured, your data is always secure and is free from tampering.

We Are Astra Pentest Certified!

"Securing the Future of Supply Chain with Our Assurance and Robustly Secure Mobile Application. "

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