3 Reasons to Mobilize Your Purchase Order (PO) Approval Process 

A bottleneck in the purchase order approval process is something that purchasing managers want to avoid. They are, however, often busy and do not always have access to legacy ERP systems to approve purchase orders. Even if they have, the process of reviewing and approving the purchase order takes longer when working with such ERPs. PO Approvals are delayed as a result, and businesses may experience a halt in operational activities. 

Benefits of Boosting the Purchase Order Approval Process 

  1. Improved Employee Productivity and Satisfaction: The Purchase department sees a high volume of purchase orders (POs) waiting for approval. Reviewing and approving these POs through Oracle Cloud is a cumbersome process, since it is not always possible to sit in front of sophisticated ERP for processing approvals. However, with real time access to data on mobile, decision makers can connect to the ERP from mobile and process approvals anywhere, anytime. This increases the productivity of employees and ensures job satisfaction. 
  1. Reduction in Delays: With a push notification feature, decision makers get notified of any new approval to be expedited as soon as the request is uploaded. Users are notified of approvals, process the approvals faster or delegate it to somebody, thereby reducing the time needed to take purchase order approval decisions. 
  1. Greater Operational Efficiency: Mobilizing PO Approval process ensures greater operational efficiency as the approval process if fast, the volume of POs waiting for approval will be less and time needed to procure materials is reduced. 

Propel Apps Solution for Purchase Order Approvals 

Mobilizing the purchase order approval process accelerates decision making and streamlines the supply chain. Propel Apps offers Mobile Approvals that enhances the speed and agility of your business process that is often missing in desktop applications. Our mobile apps connect with ERPs at the backend, enabling real-time actions, benefiting both enterprises and employees. 

Our Mobile Approvals app displays all the critical information needed for the approver to review the raised request and take a decision with respect to the quantity ordered, unit price, PO number and more. Using this app, an end-user can perform tasks like assigning the request to a peer or seeking more information before deciding. 

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