Smart Mobile Approval: The Best Way to Redesign Your Approval Process 

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the critical approval processes and business operations by providing speed and agility that desktop apps often lack. B2E mobile apps increase productivity and job satisfaction, aiding employee retention. Millennials are particularly interested in these apps, as they expect faster tasks and user experiences similar to B2C apps. This shift in employee demographics and positive effects on business productivity are driving enterprise mobile application adoption.  

This blog throws light on how an Oracle Cloud Smart PR Approval Mobile App can be a game changer for an organization’s approval eco-system, while providing the much-needed boost to digitize their operations and improve employee productivity.   


  • Challenges with Approval Processes 
  • How Smart Mobile Approval can be an Optimal Solution 
  • Propel Apps Solution- Smart Purchase Requisition (PR) Approval 
  • Features of PR Mobile Approvals app 

Challenges with Approval Processes 


The average consumer and employee is hungry for information and wants the ability to process information anywhere, anytime. The ‘Bring-your-own-device’ (BYOD) is a disruptive phenomenon that puts tremendous pressure on IT to revamp and rethink its mobile strategy. 

Not Switching to Mobile 

Whilst company’s senior executives are running their day-to-day life seamlessly with convenient mobile solutions on the consumer space, they are pondering why their company IT cannot bring simple functions such as Oracle Cloud approvals to a mobile app? 

Time Consuming 

Working with desktop Oracle Cloud to submit, approve and track purchases will result in longer processing times, higher transaction costs and compliance problems. For instance, a mobile app that enables seamless purchase receipt (PR) approval can help managers process PRs in real-time. Digitizing the process reduces double-entry errors, and the costs and time lag associated with manual processing. 

Employee Dissatisfaction 

This is especially important in today’s dynamic employee demographics and the expectation “there will be an app for that”. Studies have shown that the use of mobile HR apps significantly improves job satisfaction and productivity, as well as aiding employee retention and recruitment. 

How Smart Mobile Approval can be an Optimal Solution?

Supply chain management is one business unit that gains a lot from using mobile approval apps. One important aspect of purchasing is the management of purchases. The process of requesting, approving, and tracking the purchase of goods that the company needs is a crucial part of the procurement supply chain activity. 

“Enterprise mobility is here to stay, but many customers are still bound to their desktops due to the lack of a mobile solution.”  To drive home how mobile apps can make a difference, we have illustrated how they offer flexibility to manage procurement related activities from a mobile, thereby improving the overall operational process.  

Managers struggle with real-time, efficient processing of purchase requisitions from buyers, and Oracle access is inconvenient for mobile users. Manual decisions cause slower processing times, higher transaction costs, and compliance issues, while buyers need to adapt to changing supply chain requirements. By getting mobile apps for their Oracle E-Business Suite, enterprises can improve supply chain functionality, productivity and efficiency. 

Propel Apps Solution- Smart Purchase Requisition (PR) Mobile Approval 

PR approvals is one of the value-added apps, developed by Propel Apps that precisely solves problems with late request approvals. Using this app, requisitions can be approved on the go and moved into purchase orders by using business-specific workflows. Once done, purchase orders can be sent to the suppliers.  

Integrated and Automated 

The PR approval app tightly integrates with the Oracle Cloud system to offer robust approval management experience across a wide range of industries. The app is designed to support the existing Oracle Cloud users, who could be executives, managers or departmental heads, engaged in process approvals as per their departmental hierarchy. 

This is a unique solution that automates the approval workflows of various departments within your organization to ensure seamless and a smooth approval transition process, without any hindrances or roadblocks.  

Approval Process-Redefined 

Take for instance a production department in an organization that could have hundreds of processes such as purchasing raw materials, raising invoices, supplying the goods to its customers, attending to leave requests of employees and so on.  

Based on a requisition raised by an executive within that department for accomplishing a specific work order, that request must be routed to his immediate superiors for approval as per the defined departmental hierarchy and subsequently reach the production manager for final approval. Manually, this approval process may take several days, and even might be lost in transit. But using this app, the entire process can be automated, as approvals are just a click away – even when his managers are physically absent from their office. 

Features of PR Mobile Approvals app 

  • Managers can track their PRs, offering seamless user-experience in real time. 
  • Receive notifications instantly and review purchase requisition details at header level, item level and attachments. 
  • Integrate with Oracle Cloud in real-time and access the application from phone, tablet or desktop and the app takes only days to implement. 
  • Approve, reject, or delegate quickly by reviewing the required information including attachments. 
  • Allows managers to review and authorize approvals on the go.
  • Enables faster decision-making and reduces transaction costs.
  • Shortens the procurement cycle and improves supply chain efficiency Improves the productivity of approval managers by enabling easier and faster approval processing. 
  • Improves compliance and employee job satisfaction.
  • Automates the processing of pending invoices by creating a goods receipt or service entry sheet. 
  • Achieves greater enterprise agility with faster claims/requests approval.


To conclude, enterprises not going mobile are at a disadvantage and have to face difficulties serving their customers, ultimately leading to a drop in the market share. To avoid this and stay competitive in the market, an organization should leverage the value-added features of a PR Approval mobile app for Oracle Cloud. This app not only automates their otherwise cumbersome manual processes, but also improves overall operational efficiency, leading to greater employee satisfaction.