Trend #16-Why Android is the Ultimate Choice for Industrial Mobile ERP Solutions 

In the dynamic landscape of industrial applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, choosing the right operating system can be a game-changer. Android is renowned for its prowess in industrial mobile ERP solutions. The seamless integration of advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud, and EBS into supply chain management is crucial for modern enterprises.  

This article explores how the Android operating system has become the cornerstone for seamless integration with enterprise resource planning systems, offering a robust foundation for efficient and streamlined operations. 

Android-based Industrial Mobile ERP Solutions

Choosing the Right Operating System 

The integration becomes even more pivotal when applied to industrial applications like enterprise asset management (inclusive of SAP PM and Oracle Maintenance Cloud), warehouse management, and other areas like cycle counting, field service, and sales (you can have a field sales force take orders on mobile/tablets connecting to Oracle Cloud).

The ability to access ERP systems like SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud, and EBS through mobile devices heralds a new era in enhancing customer service and boosting productivity. The pivotal decision in this process is choosing the right device and operating system, a choice that can make or break the success of these digital initiatives. The selected operating system plays a critical role, not just in facilitating these integrations but also in ensuring the overall efficiency and security of enterprise operations. 

The Challenge with iOS & Windows in Industrial Environments 

In industrial settings, the user-friendliness and security of iOS devices face various challenges, let’s throw light on some of them:  

iOS Devices in Industrial Settings 

While iOS devices are known for their user-friendliness and security, they pose certain challenges in industrial environments. The primary concern is their delicacy, which makes them less suited for rough industrial use where devices are prone to harsh handling. Additionally, the user interface and operating system of iOS, while excellent for consumer use, can sometimes be less intuitive in specialized industrial applications where customized controls and interfaces are often required. 

The Decline of Windows Mobile Platforms 

Windows CE and Windows 10 Mobile: Once staples in enterprise mobility, Windows CE and Windows 10 Mobile have seen a decline. Their discontinuation has led to a lack of ongoing support and updates, making them less viable for modern enterprises. Furthermore, hardware manufacturers are increasingly leaning away from Windows-based mobile solutions, largely due to the limited development and support from Microsoft for these platforms. 

Android’s Emergence in Industrial Enterprise Markets 

Android has emerged as a leading platform in the enterprise market, offering a combination of robust security, scalability, and a vast ecosystem. Contributions from companies like Samsung, with their Knox security platform, have addressed initial security concerns, making Android a highly secure and reliable choice for enterprise applications. 

Security: A Core Consideration 

Security remains a paramount concern in supply chain operations. Android’s security features, including encryption, sandboxing, and secure boot, provide strong foundations for protecting enterprise data, especially when integrating with ERP systems handling sensitive business information. 

The Agility and Flexibility of Android 

Android’s compatibility with various devices and its adaptability to diverse enterprise needs make it an ideal choice for supply chain operations. The flexibility offered by Android is crucial for adapting to different operational requirements, ranging from rugged devices to sophisticated smartphones. 

Mobilizing ERP Systems: Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency 

The integration of mobile ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle into supply chain management is significantly enhanced by Android’s mobile ecosystem. The real-time data tracking and decision-making capabilities afforded by mobile access to these systems are critical in dynamic supply chain environments. 

Comparative Analysis with Other Operating System

When compared to other operating systems, Android stands out for its combination of security, flexibility, and a broad range of supported devices, especially in contrast to the limitations of iOS in industrial settings and the decline of Windows mobile platforms. 

The future of enterprise operating systems in supply chain management will likely be influenced by the integration of IoT and AI technologies. Android’s compatibility with these technologies positions it well for upcoming developments. 

Best Practices for Transitioning to a New Operating System 

Enterprises looking to transition to a new operating system should consider factors such as security, device compatibility, and ease of integration with existing ERP systems. 


Though Android has received a lot of flak for security in the initial days of its life, Android is very secure now. With MDM tools, you can achieve 100% enterprise grade security no less than any other Operating System. Android is used by companies such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Hertz, Google, Starbucks and many other Fortune 500 companies. 


In conclusion, Android is a popular choice for industrial applications and enterprise resource planning systems due to its ability to integrate seamlessly with advanced ERP systems like SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud, and EBS, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and streamlined operations in modern enterprises. 

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