Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise Mobility

In the fast-paced world of business, Enterprise Mobility has emerged as a critical trend that established enterprises are embracing across industries. This transformative approach enables employees to leverage mobile technologies, allowing them to carry out work-related tasks from anywhere, at any time. The benefits are far-reaching, including improved productivity, enhanced compliance, greater work flexibility, and increased employee job satisfaction. In this article, we delve into the compelling reasons why embracing Enterprise Mobility is essential for businesses in the digital age. 

The New Norm: Mobile is the New Desktop 

The digital era has witnessed a remarkable shift – mobile devices are becoming the new desktop computers. According to Microsoft, a staggering one out of every three employees is now entirely mobile. Moreover, Enterprise Mobility solutions have become secret weapons that provide enterprises with a competitive edge, enabling them to transform into agile, modern, and mobile entities. Unlike traditional desktop environments, the mobile landscape is complex and challenging due to factors such as rapidly changing operating systems, diverse device sizes, offline functionality, and various touch-based gestures. 

Enterprise mobility for Oracle and SAP customers

How Can Enterprise Mobility Benefit Your Business

Mobile technology has significantly transformed the way businesses operate. Therefore, going mobile can unleash potential business benefits like: 

1. Seamless Access to Critical Systems 

Enterprise Mobility enables seamless access to backend ERP systems like Oracle EBS and SAP, anytime, anywhere. 

2. Quick Decision-Making on the Go 

With mobile solutions in place, businesses can make quick and timely decisions, even while on the move. 

3. Enhanced Workforce Productivity 

Mobile technologies empower employees to be more productive, boosting overall workforce efficiency. 

4. Reduced Operating Costs 

By leveraging Enterprise Mobility, businesses can significantly cut operating costs while increasing efficiency. 

5. Improved Employee Collaboration 

Collaboration is enhanced with mobile solutions, fostering a more productive and communicative work environment. 

6. Competitive Advantage 

Businesses that adopt Enterprise Mobility gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market. 

Key Considerations for Choosing Enterprise Mobility Solutions 

For enterprises considering the adoption of mobile applications for Oracle EBS, it’s vital to evaluate third-party vendors based on specific parameters. Thus, there are some key factors that must be considered: 

1. Operating System Support 

Vendors should offer applications compatible with Android and iOS, as Android is gaining dominance in the enterprise mobile space. 

2. Compatibility with Oracle EBS 

Ensure that vendor applications are thoroughly tested with Oracle EBS to ensure seamless integration. 

3. Support for Offline Capabilities 

Mobile applications should support offline modes, enabling uninterrupted warehouse activities even in the absence of network connectivity. 

4. Solution Flexibility 

Choose vendors with flexible applications that can be customized to meet your unique workflow needs. 

5. Portfolio of Mobile Solutions 

Select a vendor with a broad range of mobile solutions to support varying enterprise requirements. Consider their product development roadmap and future customizations. 


Implementing a robust Enterprise Mobility solution is a critical step in modernizing your business operations. The advantages are numerous, including portability, barcode scanning, and efficient asset tracking. Also, this technology can extend the capabilities of your ERP system to various functions, from field service and procurement to plant maintenance and quality control. However, organizations must carefully consider key parameters like Oracle EBS support, offline functionality, flexibility, multi-platform compatibility, and customization possibilities before making an investment in Enterprise Mobility. 

In this world of evolving mobile technologies, it is crucial to keep long-term business goals in mind while creating a mobile strategy. At Propel Apps, we understand the importance of a well-crafted mobile strategy, and our mobile solutions can automate core ERP processes in supply chain, procurement, inventory, finance, logistics, and more. For further insights into our company and solutions, contact us to learn how we can assist you in achieving your business goals through Enterprise Mobility.

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