Supply Chain Operations: How ERP Users Are Improving Customer Service 

The digital age has transformed the supply chain from a mere back-end operation to a crucial customer service battleground. Companies that harness the power of advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA are redefining the way customer service is delivered. In this blog, explore the latest trends among ERP customers and the significance of supply chain in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Operations

Supply Chain Operations for ERP Users

Investing in ERP-driven supply chain innovations is expected to significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty as trends continue to evolve. Here are the significant supply chain operations.

Real-Time Order Status 

In the era of same-day delivery and “just-in-time” manufacturing, customers require immediate tracking of their B2B orders to adapt to market changes. ERP systems can assist in order taking, but they require complementary digital tools to provide real-time status updates to customers. Customers are more likely to trust and remain loyal when orders are placed and delivered with this level of transparency because they value being able to track their orders. 

Inventory Visibility and Management 

ERP systems like Oracle EBS, Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA have revolutionized inventory management, but traditional methods still lack accurate inventory information. As a result, many companies utilize mobile barcode scanning and RF guns for material handlers to track inventory levels with unprecedented accuracy. These technologies enable companies to provide customers with precise information about product availability and lead times, thereby managing expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Digitalization and Quality of Shipping 

Digitalization of the supply chain allows for seamless quality checks and more efficient shipping processes. ERP systems integrate quality control metrics, ensuring that products meet the required standards before shipment. This reduces the likelihood of returns, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. By using digital BOL or electronic (eBOL) tools on tablets/mobiles, companies are digitizing the outbound process and improving customer service levels. 

Accurate Delivery Promises 

DOTIF (Delivery On Time In Full) is the goal of a supply chain leader, and many companies are striving for that. Advanced ERP platforms analyze real-time data to provide reliable delivery dates. This improves supply chain automation, ensuring companies fulfill their promises, which directly influences customer trust and loyalty. 

Supply Chain Automation 

Supply chain automation, powered by ERP software, is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Automation in processes such as order processing, payment, and customer communication leads to increased efficiency and faster service. Digital technologies streamline repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to concentrate on enhancing customer experience.

Mobile Barcode Scanning 

The integration of mobile barcode scanning within ERP systems is a game-changer for inventory management. This technology allows for rapid data entry and retrieval, minimizing errors and speeding up the supply chain process. Also, this trend is beneficial in industries where time is of the essence, such as perishable goods or fast fashion. 

RF Guns/Handheld Computers 

RF guns are handheld devices that communicate with ERP systems to manage inventory and track assets in real-time. It is gaining popularity in the supply chain sector for quick system updates, enhancing service levels & providing real-time customer updates.


To sum up, the role of the supply chain in customer service is more critical than ever. Companies are leveraging ERP solutions like Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA to streamline operations and provide exceptional service. Businesses can enhance customer experience by utilizing technologies like mobile barcode scanning and RF guns, promoting transparency, efficiency, and reliability.

Propel Apps understands the importance of integrating these trends into your supply chain strategy. By improving customer service delivery, our ERP solutions can help your company stay competitive and customer-focused in the long run. Contact us to learn how we can help you leverage these trends for your success.

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