Tatmeen’s Impact: Revolutionizing the Supply Chain in the UAE Healthcare Industry

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has launched Tatmeen, a collaboration with EVOTEQ to improve pharmaceutical traceability through GS1 standard serialization.

Complying with Tatmeen helps in tracking counterfeits, recalls, and expired pharmaceuticals, ensuring the safety and awareness of consumers. Moreover, to confirm the legitimacy of pharmaceuticals given by manufacturers to patients, end users can scan GS1 data matrix barcodes. This document outlines the benefits of the GS1 System of Standards for UAE pharmaceutical and healthcare supply chain stakeholders and UAE’s serialization compliance.

Supply Chain Requirements in the UAE Healthcare Industry

In accordance with international standards and guidelines, the UAE implements strict supply chain restrictions for the healthcare industry. By all means, this is to guarantee the availability, quality, and safety of products. Here are some key aspects of supply chain requirements in the UAE:

1. Regulatory Authority

MOHAP in the UAE, along with other emirate-specific health ministries, is the regulatory authority governing the healthcare industry. 

2. Registration and Licensing

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the UAE must obtain licenses and approvals from health authorities for legal operation, which are typically renewed annually. 

3. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

UAE pharmaceutical manufacturers are mandated to adhere to GMP guidelines and undergo regular facility inspections to ensure the quality and safety of their products. 

4. Import and Export Regulations

The UAE strictly regulates the import and export of pharmaceutical products, requiring both importers and exporters to obtain permits and follow specific customs procedures.

5. Product Registration

The UAE requires all pharmaceutical products to be registered with MOHAP, requiring detailed documentation of product information, manufacturing processes, and clinical trial data.

6. Labeling and Packaging

Pharmaceutical products require clear, accurate labeling in both Arabic and English, including product name, active ingredients, dosage instructions, expiration date, and manufacturer details. 

7. Cold Chain Management

The UAE enforces rigorous temperature control for pharmaceutical products, particularly vaccines and biologics, during transportation and storage to ensure their safety and quality.

8. Distribution and Storage

Pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers are mandated to follow storage and distribution guidelines. As a matter of fact, this guarantees product quality and safety, encompassing temperature monitoring, appropriate storage conditions, and secure handling practices.

9. Counterfeit and Substandard Products

To emphasize, the UAE has implemented a comprehensive system for tracking and tracing pharmaceutical products throughout its supply chain to combat counterfeit and substandard products.

10. Pharmacovigilance

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in UAE are mandated to report adverse events and safety concerns to health authorities. With attention to ensuring the safety and efficacy of their products.

11. Price Controls

The UAE may implement price controls on pharmaceutical products to ensure affordability and accessibility for its citizens.

12. Supply Chain Security

Additionally, the UAE may require specific serialization and authentication measures to improve supply chain security and prevent drug product theft and diversion.

Multiple Stages of Healthcare Security with Tatmeen

Tatmeen is UAE’s advanced track and trace platform for pharmaceuticals and medical products. In the meantime, this improves public health protection and healthcare security at every stage. Here is the process and stages from manufacturer to patient:

Manufacturers > Logistics Providers > Custom Officials > Distributors and Wholesalers > Clinical Providers > Patients

Tatmeen is UAE's advanced track and trace platform for pharmaceuticals and medical products that improves public health protection and healthcare security at every stage.

10 Major Advantages of Complying with Tatmeen

Tatmeen enhances the visibility and safety of the medical supply chain, benefiting healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses in the long run. In fact, here are the top 10 benefits of utilizing Tatmeen in the industry:

  1. Safeguard pharmaceutical brands and their respective owners
  2. Reduce counterfeit, illegal, and substandard medication
  3. Enhance the capacity to swiftly recall drugs from any location
  4. Eliminate cross-border imports of unauthorized medicine from entering the supply chain
  5. Manage and dispose near-expired pharmaceuticals preventing harm to consumers
  6. Predict demand and ensure the availability of high-demand medicines and pharmaceutical products to avoid shortages
  7. Improve emergency response capabilities and expedite drug transportation between locations
  8. Protect investments made by companies for drug development and their intellectual property
  9. Promote the safe introduction of new medicines, and advancing healthcare solutions
  10. Understand of the business process and interactions between end users:
    • Patients: They are responsible for product validation and reporting of counterfeit, expired, or grey market medicines.
    • Inspectors: Furthermore, inspectors utilize mobile devices to scan barcodes of drugs or devices, capturing and verifying real-time supply chain data.
    • Custom Inspection: This process is to verify and confirm the release of approved drugs and devices.
    • Hospitals/Pharmacies: Straightaway, all products must be validated on arrival and upon dispensing medicine.


To sum up, UAE healthcare companies must stay updated with evolving regulations and compliance standards to avoid regulatory issues, and collaborating with local partners and consultants can be beneficial.

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