Optimizing Operations: 10 Must-Have Features in Your Mobile Plant Maintenance Solution

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, a robust mobile plant maintenance solution is a game-changer for any manufacturing organization. However, the challenge for plant maintenance organizations is to judge which routine tasks need to be automated and available via mobile, considering the plethora of benefits that mobility offers. With every organization having its unique workflows, a good mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution should offer flexibility for customization to satisfy an organization’s business needs.

Hence, as technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial to choose a mobile solution equipped with features that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and contribute to overall operational excellence. This blog delves into ten essential features to consider when selecting a mobile plant maintenance solution.


Top 10 Considerations for Selecting an Ideal Mobile Plant Maintenance Solution

1. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is paramount to ensuring seamless adoption among maintenance technicians. Intuitive navigation and straightforward functionalities empower technicians to swiftly access critical information, submit work orders, and contribute to a more efficient workflow.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Facilitating real-time collaboration is essential for production managers and maintenance technicians working in tandem. Look for a solution that allows instant communication, ensuring quick responses to emerging issues and enabling better coordination between teams. A good example is the triggering of instant notifications from the application, whenever a work order is created, updated or completed, so everyone in your team is in the same loop, facilitating a seamless collaboration eco-system.

3. Work Order Management

Efficient work order management is a cornerstone for streamlined operations. The mobile plant maintenance solution should enable technicians to create, update, and close work orders on the go. This feature empowers them to stay organized and responsive to maintenance needs.

4. Asset Tracking and Management

For warehouse managers overseeing a multitude of assets, a robust mobile plant maintenance solution should include comprehensive asset tracking and management capabilities. This ensures accurate and up-to-date information on asset conditions, facilitating proactive maintenance planning.

5. Offline Functionality

In industrial settings where network connectivity may be intermittent, an offline functionality feature becomes crucial. Maintenance technicians can continue working on tasks, accessing information, and updating work orders even when offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

6. Visual Insight

There’s a saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying is equally applicable in plant maintenance as well. Why type detailed descriptions of equipment issues, when a picture can convey the same in a better way? Mobile applications designed for plant maintenance should offer the capability to attach images related to equipment breakdowns. This feature not only facilitates the creation of a comprehensive breakdown record but also enhances visibility into equipment reliability.

7. Access to Critical Documents

A good EAM solution should provide access to a variety of documents such as work order instructions, drawings, safety procedures and other technical manuals anytime, anywhere. This capability to access and view documents in a variety of formats will help technicians to have information at their fingertips, facilitating quick decision making about work orders and assignments.

8. Barcode/QR Code Scanning

Simplify asset and inventory management by opting for a mobile solution with barcode or QR code scanning capabilities. This feature allows technicians and warehouse managers to swiftly scan codes for accurate data input and retrieval. This way, you eliminate paperwork and ensure 100% data accuracy, while saving your precious time and resources.

9. Performance Analytics

For production managers seeking to optimize overall efficiency, performance analytics are indispensable. Choose a mobile solution that provides insightful analytics on equipment performance, maintenance trends, and other key metrics. This empowers managers to make data-driven decisions.

10. Integration Capabilities

A seamless integration with existing systems like Oracle and SAP is crucial for ensuring compatibility and avoiding disruptions. Look for a mobile solution that integrates effortlessly with your organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, such as Oracle Cloud or SAP Plant Maintenance, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected operational ecosystem.


Selecting the right mobile plant maintenance solution is pivotal for achieving operational excellence. The features mentioned above cater to the specific needs of maintenance technicians, production managers, and warehouse managers, ensuring a holistic and efficient approach to plant maintenance.

Before making a decision, thoroughly assess how each feature aligns with your organization’s unique requirements and challenges. Investing in a mobile solution with these essential features will not only streamline daily operations but also position your industrial facility for success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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