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Webinar Series

Lay the Foundation for NextGen AI based Supply Chain

Get the “bang for your buck” from Oracle EBS and Cloud Investments.

In this webinar series we share and explore ideas, best practices, strategies to lay a foundation for AI based supply chain. We start with the barcoding, and inventory management and discuss how to use AI in various scenarios to gain an edge. We focus on how supply chain leaders can eliminate errors and automate with next generation Mobile inventory management/Mobile supply chain application. We share ideas to get the “bang for your buck” from Oracle EBS and Cloud investments. From Mobile device, scanner selection to Workflows, material handler productivity, you can learn how to run your supply chain in auto pilot mode.

We understand you may not be able to attend all the webinars. You can register and we will send recordings later.

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1. Mobile Inventory Management and barcoding Trends and best practices

In a very short time, Propel Apps has established as a leader in the Mobile Inventory Management and barcoding space. We credit this to our “Design Thinking” philosophy of putting end user business and emotional needs at the heart of everything we do. During our conversations with customers, we have learned many lessons. We have observed various trends. We would like to share these lessons to empower you transform your supply chain.

2. Save 50% of Mobile Supply Chain Inventory management costs

Legacy systems from the 90s have disappointed Oracle customers with their hard to use applications, unreliability & not able to work in offline mode. In this webinar, we present findings from our customer projects. We discuss how our digital visionary customers have transformed their mobile supply chain /barcode scanning platforms & reduced costs significantly.

3. Mobile Inventory | barcode scanning Implementation Checklist

Oracle customers using EBS Inventory, WMS, Oracle SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud have been looking for ways to unlock the full potential of these Supply chain systems. Despite having world class ERP systems, they do not have clear visibility into inventory. In this webinar, discover how our customers run real-time manufacturing, and supply chain operations, how they automated various workflows, how to overcome connectivity, offline issues and more.

4. Receiving and Putaway Best Practices

Paper based manual inbound processes have failed to meet the modern day supply chain needs. Material handlers struggle with decision making. By using advanced Oracle WMS or Oracle SCM Cloud/WMS Cloud in conjunction with world class Mobile inventory platforms, you can streamline and automate the Inbound process. Join the webinar to understand inbound challenges and ways to overcome them.

5. Take Cycle Counting for oracle to the next level

Many Oracle customers who are not using WMS are limited by Oracle Inventory functionality to do cycle counts. They cannot count randomly. With a world class modern mobile barcode scanning platform and our custom tools, Oracle Inventory customers can take their cycle counts to the next level. You can get WMS features without the WMS license.

6. Automation and Simplification for the Modern Day Warehouse

Despite implementing Oracle WMS, organizations have labor shortages, inefficient distribution of tasks, and no automation. With an world class Oracle WMS, you can automate task distribution, deploy system directed tasks vs manual tasks, measure performance. Most importantly, you can perform cycle counts through system directed tasks, implement workflows and run the warehouse on an auto-pilot mode.

7. Gain real-time inventory visibility and reduce 25% costs of an MRO

With a robust mobile platform, MRO departments can lower the operating costs of a warehouse. Most importantly, they can reduce the expensive machinery downtime by carrying right parts at right times.

8. How to optimize picking and shipping?

Worldclass Oracle WMS, Oracle SCM Cloud Inventory systems were not able to fulfill modern day supply chain demands. With PropelApps’ industry leading mobile inventory management platform coupled with Oracle Inventory or Oracle WMS, supply chain teams can close the digital gap by modernizing, automating and redefining the business processes. In this webinar, learn the challenges faced by outbound operations teams and how to pack and ship efficiently.

9. Cut 25% of Costs with Real-time Proof of Delivery

Leverage cutting edge Mobile Supply chain platform from Propel Apps to improve delivery performance, reduce AR cycle time, get rid of invoice disputes and chargebacks. Learn the challenges in last-mile delivery, improve delivery performance, reduce AR cycle time and improve cash flows.

10. How to get Oracle WMS features without WMS license?

Are you an Oracle EBS inventory management customer that does not need expensive WMS and all the complex features and functionality? Fortunately, Propel Apps’ custom extensions for Oracle Inventory Management allow you to run your inventory management operations for Cycle Counts, Physical Counts and Label Printing like a WMS organization. Learn how.