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Webinar #4

Receiving and Putaway Best Practices

Apr 28, 2021 11:00 AM EST

oracle inventory order picking and shipping

Inbound process consists of goods receiving, inspecting, put away, returning unwanted goods  to suppliers. Optimizing inbound process is on the top of Supply chain Leaders’s mind. 

 Oracle customers understood “garbage in, garbage out”. When  Oracle EBS or Oracle SCM Cloud/WMS Cloud is not updated in real-time with the receiving, inspecting and storing stage inventory, Customers can not place orders and leads to excessive inventory or stock outs.

Inbound process is important because it helps a production planner understand what raw materials are available for manufacturing and when they will arrive if they are not in stock. Receiving function in a warehouse  determines the quality and accuracy of the goods received into a warehouse. For companies receiving the finished goods, real-time and accurate recording of receipt transactions using mobile barcode scanners helps receive sales orders without any backlogs or stockouts. When products arrive damaged, without labels, inaccurate parts, or arrive late, downstream supply chain will suffer with production delays, poor customer service levels and overall higher manufacturing and warehousing costs.

Paper based manual inbound processes have failed to meet the modern day supply chain needs. Material handlers struggle with decision making. By using advanced Oracle WMS or Oracle SCM Cloud/WMS Cloud in conjunction with world class Mobile inventory platforms, you can streamline and automate the Inbound process. 

In this webinar, we will discuss 

  • Inbound challenges and ways to overcome them.
  • Some best practices using Mobile Supply Chain Application, Oracle EBS, and Oracle WMS.
  • Learn how to use Mobile for real-time recording of receiving, inspection, put away, customer returns.
  • How to Return goods to suppliers.
  • Automation possibilities with System directed tasks. 
  • How to use cross docking and optimize the receiving process for back orders and Shopfloor.
  • How to leverage Mobile printers to print instant labels and ensure compliance throughout the warehouse.
  • How to speed up receiving, inspection and put away of goods using Mobile Supply chain application.

Speaker Information

Raj Peddisetty
Digital Transformation Advisor, Propel Apps.

Raj is a digital transformation advisor to many leading organizations across the globe. He is a seasoned design thinking practitioner and a strategy consultant in the areas of Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Block Chain, AI, RPA, and ML. He is a programmer and solutions architect. He led large scale digital transformation projects for clients such as Medtronic, Cintas, Benjamin Moore &Co, NetApp, Oracle, Dow Chemicals, and National Gypsum. As a founder of Propel Apps, he led the entire portfolio of Oracle apps from GTM strategy to product development.

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