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Webinar #3

Mobile Inventory/barcode scanning Implementation Checklist

Apr 14, 2021 11:00 AM EST


Oracle customers using EBS Inventory, WMS, SCM Cloud and WMS Cloud have been looking for ways to unlock the full potential of these Supply chain systems.  They have spent millions of dollars. Yet, production is not reported in real-time. Inventory is not accurate. Manufacturing runs out of raw material when shop floor needs. Customers do not know when goods are available and delivered. Warehouse managers cannot calculate the costs of inventory. They have added more and more people. Material handlers struggle to use clunky RF devices. IT departments spend enormous amount of time on Support and manually reconciling. 

In this webinar, discover

  • How our customers run real-time manufacturing, and supply chain operations.
  • How they automated various workflows, processes in a warehouse.
  • How to select a perfect mobile/data collection platform.
  • How our customers have reduced huge operational costs while completely modernizing their warehouse.
  • What are trends in scanning barcodes and data collection.
  • How to overcome connectivity, offline issues.
  • What Mobile devices are right for your organization?
  • How to simplify the UX for Material Handlers?
  • How to Monitor Material Handler performance?
  • How to think about reducing IT support?
  • How to ensure Material handler can control


  • Select a mobile device
  • Scanner
  • Mobile Printer
  • QR code multiple field scanning
  • Connectivity
  • Material Handler self empowerment.
  • Simplifying navigations.
  • Ease of Customization
  • Validations
  • Real-time data
  • Batching vs Real-time
  • Referencing offline data with online data.
  • Reducing load on Production Server.
  • Eliminating manual typing/input.
  • Real time transaction Monitoring
  • 100% data capture.

Speaker Information

Raj Peddisetty
Digital Transformation Advisor, Propel Apps.

Raj is a digital transformation advisor to many leading organizations across the globe. He is a seasoned design thinking practitioner and a strategy consultant in the areas of Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Block Chain, AI, RPA, and ML. He is a programmer and solutions architect. He led large scale digital transformation projects for clients such as Medtronic, Cintas, Benjamin Moore &Co, NetApp, Oracle, Dow Chemicals, and National Gypsum. As a founder of Propel Apps, he led the entire portfolio of Oracle apps from GTM strategy to product development.

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