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Webinar #2

Save 50% of Oracle Mobile Supply Chain App (MSCA) costs

Mar 31, 2021 11:00 AM EST

Oracle Mobile Inventory Management Apps For EBS and Cloud

Digital transformation projects have failed because of exorbitant costs and underwhelming results. However, continuing legacy Mobile inventory and barcode scanning platforms is eating Supply chain budgets while not meeting the modern days demands of complex warehouse operations. These legacy systems from the 90s have disappointed Oracle customers with their hard to use applications, unreliability and not able to work in offline mode. 

A question that pops up in every supply chain and IT manager’s mind is – can you have both? Can you modernize inventory management operations while reducing costs? Yes, this is 100% possible.  You can reduce operational costs by 50% while running a modern world class supply chain with real-time and accurate inventory visibility. Are your material handlers coming up with excuses to avoid the current mobile systems in place? Are you spending enormous amounts of money on the old the rugged RF devices and still not unlocking full potential of your Oracle EBS? 

Implementing modern software does not mean you have to spend more money than your legacy software. It could pay for itself, reduce costs significantly while achieving long term productivity gains.

In this webinar, we present findings from our customer projects. We will discuss how our digital visionary customers have transformed their mobile supply chain /barcode scanning platforms and reduced costs significantly.

Key lessons you can learn from this webinar:

  • How to reduce rugged RF/mobile device costs?
  • How to simplify the supply chain data collection/barcode scanning operations?
  • How to eliminate connectivity issues and record transactions in real-time?
  • How to reduce Maintenance, and Support costs significantly?
  • How to delight material handlers?
  • How to put the Mobile inventory platform in an auto-pilot mode?
  • How to achieve net positive ROI on Day one?
  • How to focus on your core business instead of focusing on the systems?
  • How to achieve 100% real-time inventory visibility and accuracy?

Speaker Information

Raj Peddisetty
Digital Transformation Advisor, Propel Apps

Raj is a digital transformation advisor to many leading organizations across the globe. He is a seasoned design thinking practitioner and a strategy consultant in the areas of Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Block Chain, AI, RPA, and ML. He is a programmer and solutions architect. He led large scale digital transformation projects for clients such as Medtronic, Cintas, Benjamin Moore &Co, NetApp, Oracle, Dow Chemicals, and National Gypsum. As a founder of Propel Apps, he led the entire portfolio of Oracle apps from GTM strategy to product development.

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