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cut 25% of costs with Real-time proof of delivery

Jul 7, 2021 03:00 PM EST

oracle ebs real time order

World Economic Forum researchers said same-day and instant delivery were the “fastest-growing segments in the last-mile environment,” and they estimated same-day deliveries will account for 15% of all products ordered online in the U.S. by 2025.


With the amazon effect, customers expect same day or next day deliveries. They want Realtime tracking of the delivery truck, real time status of the delivery, and notifications to plan their day.


Yet, for Some companies using Oracle EBS/Oracle SCM Cloud  Real time order and delivery tracking, notifications and proof of delivery is problematic. In some industries, companies can issue an invoice only after a proof of the delivery. Some of our customers have experienced delays in issuing invoices due to paper based forms. Sometimes, there were disputes about the quality, quantity and accuracy of the deliveries. There were instances when goods were delivered wrong locations. Due to all these reasons, AR cycle got extended and chargebacks were provided for disputes. Customers were dissatisfied. 


Leverage cutting edge Mobile Supply chain platform from Propel Apps to improve delivery performance, reduce AR cycle time, get rid of invoice disputes and chargebacks.


In this webinar, learn

  • What are the challenges in last-mile delivery?
  • How to improve delivery performance?
  • How to reduce AR cycle time and improve cash flow?
  • How to reduce operational costs?
  • How to streamline operations?
  • How to capture quality data, measure and monitor delivery performance?
  • How to capture proof of delivery through photos, Geo locations, and signatures?
  • How to reduce disputes?
  • How to capture real-time information and improve customer service?

Speaker Information

Raj Peddisetty Digital Transformation Advisor, Propel Apps.

Raj is a digital transformation advisor to many leading organizations across the globe. He is a seasoned design thinking practitioner and a strategy consultant in the areas of Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Block Chain, AI, RPA, and ML. He is a programmer and solutions architect. He led large scale digital transformation projects for clients such as Medtronic, Cintas, Benjamin Moore &Co, NetApp, Oracle, Dow Chemicals, and National Gypsum. As a founder of Propel Apps, he led the entire portfolio of Oracle apps from GTM strategy to product development.

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