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Webinar #1

Mobile Inventory Management and barcoding Trends and best practices

Mar 17, 2021 11:00 AM EST


In a very short time, Propel Apps has established as a leader in the Mobile Inventory Management and barcoding space. We credit this to our “Design Thinking” philosophy of putting end user business and emotional needs at the heart of everything we do. In this process, we observe and listen to our all stakeholders of our customers – Executives, warehouse managers, plant managers, Material handlers, planners, and IT. Some of our customers run world class supply chains. Some had faced numerous challenges. Some run complex operations with WMS and some run simple operations with Oracle EBS inventory. Some run Oracle Inventory Cloud Supply chain based on Projects. During all these conversations over the last one year, we have learned many lessons. We have observed various trends. We would like to share these lessons to empower you transform your supply chain.

In this webinar, we would like to share you the best practices of world class organizations.

  • Mobile device/Hardware best practices
  • Trends in barcode scanning
  • Tips and tricks to simplify UX
  • Automation possibilities
  • Label printing trends.
  • Ways to empower the material handlers.
  • Asset Tracking best practices.
  • Productivity Improvement ideas.

Speaker Information

Raj Peddisetty
Digital Transformation Advisor, Propel Apps.

Raj is a digital transformation advisor to many leading organizations across the globe. He is a seasoned design thinking practitioner and a strategy consultant in the areas of Mobile, eCommerce, Marketing Automation, Block Chain, AI, RPA, and ML. He is a programmer and solutions architect. He led large scale digital transformation projects for clients such as Medtronic, Cintas, Benjamin Moore &Co, NetApp, Oracle, Dow Chemicals, and National Gypsum. As a founder of Propel Apps, he led the entire portfolio of Oracle apps from GTM strategy to product development.

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