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Top Seven Factors to Consider while Choosing the Right Mobile Maintenance Solution

Industries are swiftly automating manual tasks with mobile technology to boost efficiency and productivity. Sectors like manufacturing and customer service are benefiting from streamlined workflows through rapid deployment of mobile applications. In plant maintenance, there's a growing shift towards mobile ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP to improve asset management, despite initial resistance. Success depends on selecting solutions that fit organizational needs and culture, ensuring they effectively address business challenges.

In this context, choosing the right mobile EAM solution is crucial as not all apps deliver promised benefits. Implementing a mismatched solution can waste resources and frustrate your workforce. A successful app should solve organizational challenges rather than just offer attractive features. Key adoption factors include tailored fit to organizational needs, effective problem-solving capabilities, and user-friendly interface.

Key Takeaways

  1. Get an overview of the current EAM landscape
  2. Understand why a mobile solution is preferred in a maintenance landscape
  3. Explore the top seven parameters that play a major role in mobile ERP user adoption
  4. Appreciate the productivity impacts by adopting the right mobile solution
  5. Factors that should be considered to ensure successful mobile EAM solution deployment
  6. Explore why Propel Apps’ Oracle mobile EAM solution is the right fit for your business