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Top Investment Priorities of Mobility Leaders

Enterprise mobility Transformation Exchange conducted a survey on the Top Investment Priorities in Mobility. The survey was conducted among its attendees for the upcoming Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange (July 9-10). The survey includes attendees from The Coca-Cola Company, Otis Technology, Porsche, Marriott International, AGCO Corporation, Philips, American Cancer Society, Delta Air Lines. The main objective of this survey is to understand what solutions IT teams intend to invest in over the next 6-12 months. The survey pointed out that 100% have an active mobility project & are looking for technical solutions. Although security continues to be top of mind for most executives, when it comes to investments, only 29% list mobile threat detection/defense as a priority.

The survey points out that the attendees are

  • 100% responsible for implementing mobile technology for 500+ mobile users.
  • control or directly influence where their mobile technology budget is spent

Mobile Investment Priorities

Top investment priorities for mobility leaders as per the survey are (listing order is based on the importance of priority)

  1. Mobile app development –

With 68% of votes, mobile app development stands top of all the investment priorities for mobility leaders. Enterprise mobile application development is gaining importance, for the benefits it brings – productivity improvements & cost cuts. Mobility leaders have options to buy or build apps internally. While the former one is a faster approach to mobilize your enterprise, the latter one enables companies to develop applications as per the need. To give you an example,  Propel Apps, prviously algarytm, is an mobile solution provider offering 100 + turn key mobile solutions for every use case.

mobile app development

  1. Mobile Application Management –

MAM separates the corporate data from personal data on the same device by using approaches such as SDK’s, containerization, device & app level MAM. This is the second top priority for mobility leaders. Providing IT teams with a more granular way to control and secure corporate data, Mobile application management has become important in the era of BYOD.

application management

  1. Application Security –

With the ever increase in use, mobile apps & devices have become a common target for various types of data exploitations & threats. So, application security is important, and companies will continue to invest a good sum on it.

application security

  1. UX –

Gone are the days of clunky UX. Mobile users need simple user experiences for performing transactions on small devices. Companies are understanding the needs of end users & are investing in UX for simplifying end user’s mobile experiences. Design Thinking, a framework for finding the right problem to solve, helps companies create the best possible user experience. By applying Design Thinking & implementing better UX, companies such as Airbnb, Hyatt have increased their revenues & brand value.

user experience

  1. AI/Machine Learning –

These are the two new mobile technologies that are disrupting manufacturing, transportation, and financial services industries. AI & Machine learning is the latest approach to digital transformation. Companies ae investing in it for making computing processes more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

AI / machine learning

Some of the other items in the priority list of Mobility leaders are

  • Device Security
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • IoT Platforms/ Software
  • Network Security
  • Mobile DevOps
  • EMM
  • APM
  • Mobile Threat Detection / Defense

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