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Make Product Count less painful with Smart Cycle Counts App for Oracle EBS

Massive companies dealing with inventories face struggles managing and controlling inventory. These can be a misplacement of parts across sections, movement of products without approvals or disappearance of parts leaving no clues behind. Not having real-time inventory data adversely affects the organization’s performance.

Most companies address these issues by performing audit checks and reconciling recorded stocks with what inventory is physically present on their shelves. Cycle Counting – popular and recommended method to perform inventory checks – enables companies to periodically count individual items throughout the course of the year to ensure the accuracy of inventory quantities and values. Cycle counts contrast with traditional physical inventory in that a full physical inventory may stop operation at a facility while all items are counted at one time. In a typical warehouse, inventory personnel manually collect the data on paper and submit the data into ERP. The However, it is a cumbersome process and more importantly, companies are incurring additional costs with the lack of real-time and inaccurate information availability.

Smart Cycle Counts App for Oracle EBS

To get past these challenges, and to enable quicker audit checks, organizations using ERP’s such as Oracle EBS shall embrace and move towards mobile technologies. Smartphones and tablets are priceless when it comes to inventory management. Working with Desktop Oracle EBS to enter and submit product counts will result in longer processing times, higher transaction costs and human errors. Mobilizing the Cycle counting work flow provides an ongoing measure of inventory accuracy and faster order fulfillment, and can be tailor-made to focus on items with higher value, higher movements, or that are critical to business processes.

Benefits from mobilization are

  1. Time-savings
  2. Faster order fulfillment with improved speed and efficiency
  3. Higher Return on Investment (RoI)

For instance, Smart Cycle Counts mobile app for Oracle EBS enables the user to complete product count using any iOS, Android, or Windows device. The app provides real-time access to inventory status and helps avoid over-stocking / under-stocking of inventory. The mobile application integrates seamlessly with Oracle EBS and allows users to scan items directly into their ERP system via the mobile device.

Main features of Smart Cycle Counts app for Oracle EBS are –

  • Allows the User to Select the Inventory Organization
  • Allows the user to select the Sub Inventory
  • Directs the User to enter the Counted Quantity
  • Count inventory for a specified cycle count, material number, and location within a plant.
  • Works with both Physical Inventory and Warehouse inventory.
  • Perform Cycle counting rather than complete physical inventory counts
  • Generate daily, weekly, or period count requests and lists based on your schedule
  • Cycle count for the organization or sub-inventory level

Fulfill your orders quicker and make physical count process easier, faster and less painful with Smart Cycle Counts app for Oracle EBS.


In conclusion, Enterprises not going mobile are at a disadvantage and have to face difficulties serving their customers, ultimately leading to a drop in market share. To avoid this and stay competitive in the market, get Smart Cycle Counts App and better manage inventory. Click here to know more about Oracle EBS mobile apps for inventory management.