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Simple Mobile Solutions at Your Fingertips

Choosing simple mobile solutions is a tricky job. Choosing a mobile solution developer is even more challenging.

But the value of your mobile solution should be judged based on the functionalities, features and key principles behind its design. Propel Apps products reflect the company’s guiding principles in mobile solutions design. They aim to enhance user experience, hence they are simple and straight forward. The features do not intimidate. They’re consistent and secure. And most of all, they deliver.

Take your pick from their range of simple and user-friendly solutions that deliver excellent performance

Simple Mobile solutions to Streamline and improve worker productivity

Enhance business processes, reduce paperwork and help your employees perform their tasks anytime and wherever they are with these mobile applications.

Smart Sales

Smart Sales is handy for your sales agents working on the field. They can easily pull up product information anytime so they can easily check customer prices, arrange for orders, view their clients’ accounts, and check order status. The best part is that it works offline so they don’t need Internet connection.

Stock Transfer

One more tool helpful for your sales representatives and agents on the field. With this, your sales people can easily facilitate transfer of stocks to their fellow sales agents even while on the field. Sales agents can also use this to process and accept the stocks transferred to them.

Smart Delivery (POD)

Smart Delivery is perfect for your delivery staff so that they can easily take proof of deliveries or issue delivery invoices on their mobile device. They can easily pull up requests for delivery on their mobile and even capture signatures and photos.

Order Adjustment

Another handy tool for your delivery staff so they have access to real-time and updated orders, make adjustments based on stock availability, and even issue updated invoices while at your customers’ or clients’ location.

Deliver customer satisfaction

A main purpose of your mobile solution is to make transacting with you convenient and satisfying for your customers. Propel apps, previously Algarytm, offers these mobile solutions designed to enhance customer experience.

Happy Customer

Happy Customer lets you connect with your customers easily and makes your business more reachable to them. Happy Customer can complement your business website and lets your users view your product catalog, request for price information and most of all, place orders.

Smooth Returns

Smooth Returns helps you and your customer process requests for product returns. Customers can easily request for a product return using their mobile device, and your delivery people can also easily process the request since they receive real-time instructions on how to handle the item, and you have more loya; and satisfied customers in the end.