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Oracle Visual Builder gains new features

Oracle announced an update to Visual Builder in the last week of December. This update introduces several key new features and enhancements to the overall development experience in Oracle’s high-productivity JavaScript development platform.

iPad/Tablet Support for Mobile Apps

Oracle added specific mobile packaging capabilities in its latest update to VB for supporting applications for iPads in addition to iPhones. In addition, in the UI emulator VB now supports an iPad/Tablet size preview as another option in the screen sizes menu.

Mobile Maintenance for EBS

Integration Cloud Service Catalog

The latest update simplifies integrations between Visual Builder and Oracle Integration Cloud and allows Visual Builder users to leverage Oracle Integration Cloud to connect and access data from various sources. The new integrations service catalog, an addition to the existing Oracle SaaS service catalog already available in Oracle VB, will list integrations that are defined in your Oracle Integration Cloud, and allow VB user to add them as sources of data and operation easily to VB application.

Nested Flows

Nested flows allow developers to create sub-flows that are contained inside another flow and can be used by various pages in that “master” flow. These sub-flows are then embedded into a flow-container region on a page. At runtime developers can switch the sub-flow that is shown in such a region giving out a more dynamic interface. This encapsulation also helps with scenarios of multiple developers that need to work on various sections of an application – eliminating potential conflicts.

JET 6 Support

Visual Builder now supports the latest Oracle JET 6.0 set of components and capabilities. This applies for both design-time and run-time. Note that existing applications will continue to use their current JET version, unless you open them with the new version to do modifications – when you do open them, we’ll automatically upgrade them to use JET 6.

Vanity URL

Visual Builder lets developers define a specific URL that will be used for your published web applications. This means that if you own the URL to for example – you can specify that your apps will show up using this URL. Check out the application settings for more information on this capability.

Excel Add-in

Sometimes neither web nor mobile are the right UI for your customer, maybe they want to work with your data directly from spreadsheets – well now they can. Visual Builder Add in for Excel plug-in lets users directly access Business Objects they created in Visual Builder from Excel spreadsheet and query and manipulate the data. The plug-in gives a complete development environment embedded in Excel to create interactions with your business objects.

Oracle is not done yet. It is planning to introduce many more features in every area of Visual Builder and stay tuned to us to know more. Propel Apps, Previously Algarytm, offers visual builder app development services and helps clients in meeting their unique business requirements. Let us know what you are looking for.