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Mobilize your enterprise with Micro Apps | Capriza

Enterprise Mobile apps are changing the way key business perform and manage functions. They lend enterprise business processes the speed and agility that’s often missing in desktop applications. Studies have shown that use of B2E mobile apps improves productivity and job satisfaction, both of which help in employee retention. More importantly, millennials love working with apps. With the implementation of mobile apps, enterprises have seen a productivity growth from employees and faster work completion. However, most of the apps functionalities are underutilized as employees do not work in all the departments. This leads to

  1. Wastage of Phone Space
  2. A slowdown of apps and
  3. Making it difficult for employees to use

Often these apps connect to ERP’s through middleware or third-party technologies and puts enterprise data at stake. That’s when micro apps have come into picture. Micro apps are simple and provides specific task-based functionality and lets users interact and come out with maximum efficiency. They hold a significant importance in creating mobile strategies. Compared to the costs of native and custom app development, micro apps are cheaper with the help of Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) tools.

Out of the RMAD tools, Capriza’s tool is popular and assists developers to build Zapps, micro apps developed using Capriza, with Low Code. Worksimple, an app for iOS and Android from Capriza, allows users to access all the Zapps from one place. These Zapps connect to back end applications whether they are custom-built, prepackaged or cloud directly through the virtual browser hosted in the Capriza Runtime Connect, transform the user experience while inheriting all security and business logic. HTTPS and dual-key AES-256 encryption ensures protection for the data transmitting from your business application to the end user device. Storage of sensitive data locally and in the cloud can be configured to ensure full protection. By integrating the Capriza architecture with your environment, all the security requirements can be met.

Rapidly mobilize your business applications with no APIs

Rich mobile application analytics offer developers visibility into the overall success of your Zapps through key metrics such as user count, device types, geographic location, and performance. get direct feedback from users when they engage with micro apps and helps IT teams understand user behavior through analytics.

Majority of the companies mobilizing face issues with design and development of apps. This makes Enterprise apps hard and confusing to use. Also, companies on an average mobilize at least 4 of their workflows and it takes months or years for enterprises to go from proposal to deployment to end user. These can be avoided by providing universal micro apps for each workflow. Capriza’s Designer tool provides templates for majority of the workflows that need to be mobilized. These templates are designed from end user point of view and are refined regularly with the feedback tracked. They help developers to accomplish their work faster and provide the user experience on par with that of B2C apps.

Over all, Capriza’s mobile development tool allows Microapps to be developed at a low cost for all your workflows with pre-built and custom templates without compromising on security, productivity and development time. Companies that use Capriza for Micro App development are Volvo Financial Services, Titan Machinery, Mclane and others. Propel Apps is a partner of Capriza and provides capriza services for Enterprises using Oracle and SAP.