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Automate with Mobile Warehouse Data Collection Solutions for Oracle EBS

Productivity is the key to company’s success. Whenever productivity stalls, enterprises face challenges to reach their goals. For enterprises that are struggling to manage their warehouse distribution operations due to manual processes and unconnected workplaces, mobility is the right path. Adopting latest mobile technologies enable organizations to ensure data accuracy and to successfully automate warehouse operations.  Not only does scanning save enormous sums of time, but the data accuracy increases drastically. Bearing in mind the end of life cycle support for Windows CE 6 & 6.5, enterprises that have implemented mobile hand held computers are planning a shift towards latest smartphone based mobile solutions.

Rugged mobile device manufacturers such as Honeywell & Zebra have come up with consumer grade smartphones that are rugged & boast latest android operating systems.  Unlike mobile handheld computers, Smartphones weigh less & offer intuitive UX. Smartphones, with barcode scanning features & wireless syncing capabilities with Oracle EBS, allow warehouse transactions to be updated instantaneously to Oracle EBS, enabling the entire organization to have immediate visibility to inventory movement.

Benefits from Implementing Oracle Mobile Warehouse Data Collection:

  1. Reduce Errors
  2. Improved Productivity
  3. Real time Inventory Status

The Cordless Benefit:

Mobile devices are more affordable and have become common these days. With features such as barcode scanning and offline mobility, warehouse personnel can act faster, maximize their productivity and respond to supply chain activities effectively. These devices communicate to Oracle EBS & DB wirelessly and uploads the data automatically.

What warehouse activities can be performed from Mobile devices?

Everything you perform from Handheld computers can be performed from smartphone based devices. Smartphones provide complete freedom to the warehouse personnel as the EBS and scanner are accessible from a single device. Unlike scanners that need to connect to base station, mobile computers such as the Honeywell CT60 help warehouse workers move around freely while storing information into the device’s internal memory or communication via Wi-Fi and Cellular (WAN) networks. Mobile computers are ideal for applications that require true mobility for tasks such as collecting warehouse data automatically and asset tracking.

Organizations can extend ERP value to a variety of business functions:
  • Warehouse Management — By implementing mobile solutions, remote warehouse personnel can acquire real-time access to picking, packing and shipping details, as well as real-time visibility on stock movements in the warehouse.
  • Field Service — The field service force can access schedules, ticketing information, incident details and inventory status, as well as accurately capture data that is uploaded to ERP systems, thereby minimizing inaccuracies.
  • Procurement — Procurement teams can review and approve requisitions and purchase orders, cutting transaction times & overall costs. 
  • Shop Floor — Users will have improved visibility on the plant floor, and workforces on the shop floor can use mobile solutions to track work in progress and eliminate the need to go back into large systems to search for products.
  • Quality Inspection — Mobile devices allow quality inspectors to not only track non confirmations and take appropriate actions but also track quality metrics at every stage of inspection and be notified of exceptions.
  • Plant Maintenance — Maintenance engineers and technicians can respond faster to breakdowns and emergencies.
  • Inventory Tracking — Material-handling workforces that are on the move can remotely track stocks at warehouses, stores, depots, quarantine locations and make immediate adjustments during counting and stock reconciliation.

Here are some things to consider before purchasing Mobile Applications for Oracle EBS?

Enterprises planning to purchase mobile applications for Oracle EBS shall consider the following factors when evaluating third party vendors.

Availability of applications for multiple operating systems:

Windows Handheld & Android are the top operating system softwares widely used in warehouses. With windows mobile reaching the end of life support, Android is gaining market share day by day in the enterprise mobile space. So, device manufacturers & oracle EBS users are switching towards Android. Therefore, enterprises shall look out for vendors whose applications support Android & iOS operating systems.

Mobile Application Support for Oracle EBS:

Vendor applications must be fully tested with Oracle EBS to make sure that enterprises are buying the right product. Check out the live demos, trial versions before deciding on vendor applications.

Support for offline capabilities:

Network connectivity is important to perform warehouse activities. When devices have not access to connectivity, warehouse activities come to a halt. Mobile applications with offline capabilities will help enterprises overcome these delays. Mobile applications locally store the warehouse transactions performed in offline mode & automatically upload the data to EBS once the device is connected to internet. This is extremely useful for enterprises having continuous flow of stock at warehouses. Thus, choose a vendor whose applications support offline capabilities. Vendors such as Propel Apps have made Offline capabilities an integral part of their mobile solutions.

Solution Flexibility:

Vendor applications shall be flexible to customize the apps to conform to your specific workflows.

Portfolio of mobile solutions to support enterprise’s warehouse needs:

Warehouse needs vary from time to time. Thus, enterprises shall select a vendor who can support a variety of enterprise needs. Further, Learn about the product development roadmap and the features and customizations that the solution provider will bring in before selecting a mobile solution.

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