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Higher Customer Service Levels and Higher Profits with a Mobile Solution for the Supply Chain 4.0 times

mobile oracle supply chain

Mobilize Oracle Supply Chain. Jump start your Industry 4.0 journey.

Warehousing is quite a labor-intensive process. Increasing labor productivity by enabling smart data capture via mobile devices is the easiest way to improve warehouse operational efficiency and control inventory.  To do this, you need an enterprise mobility solution tailor-made for the warehousing industry.

Using Propel Apps’ mobile inventory management solution for Oracle ERP, warehouse personnel can capture data using Barcode scanners, automate inventory management and sync data to the main Oracle ERP system. The up-to-date inventory data is immediately available to both desktop and mobile users and helps in faster decision-making.

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oracle mobile inventory supply chain

Business Benefits

Simple to use

It is so simple to use, and you can Reduce 1 week of material handler end user training.

Guided, in-app end user training

With guided, in-app end user training, avoid developing manuals

100% Data Accuracy

Achieve 100% data accuracy with data validations

Eliminate Operating costs

Eliminate Operating costs by 30% to 40% with Server less architecture

Reduce rugged device hardware costs

Reduce rugged device hardware costs by 40% with device sharing and ruggedized solutions

Never disrupt your Supply Chain

Never disrupt your supply chain whether ERP system is down, no connectivity or Cycle counting

Avoid lengthy product life cycle management changes

Avoid lengthy product life cycle management changes with RAPID business framework that adjust to your business needs dynamically

Industry’s first Business-Oriented Solution

Industry’s first business-oriented solution with integration, customization and maintenance included in the license price

Reduce IT support costs

Reduce IT support costs with in-app chat functionality

Simplify Label Printing

Simplify Label printing experience by printing directly from Mobile without going to ERP systems or expensive Label Printing Servers

Oracle Mobile Inventory Management Apps For EBS and Cloud

Solution Features


Work in both on-line and offline mode


Simple User Experience


Cross platform compatibility

Supports Mobile devices and Tablets across iOS, Android and Windows


Scan and Perform

Scan barcodes and automate warehouse processes


Serverless Architecture

With no extra servers and extra infrastructure, reduce administrative overhead.


24x7 Support

Solution supports Chatbots and ticketing systems to ensure consistent customer support experience.



Dramatically improve UX with lightning fast Delta Sync refresh of local data.


Device Sharing

By sharing a device across users and shifts reduce hardware costs by 40%.

Supports all major rugged hardware

Supports rugged devices from Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic, GETAC.

App Functionality


Goods Receipt

Ensure that material is moved into the warehouse correctly


PO Returns

Trading at human speed. Best execution guaranteed!


Direct Org Transfer

Ensure that material is moved into the warehouse correctly


Cycle Counts

Manage supply and demand, plan production, and maintain high service levels


Sub Inventory Transfer

Locate Material Quickly And Logically And Improve Warehouse Efficiency

miscl. issue


Locate Miscellaneous Transaction For Oracle Ebs & Fusion CloudMaterial Quickly


PO Inspection

Locate Material Quickly And Logically And Improve Warehouse Efficiency


Label Printing

Locate Material Quickly And Logically And Improve Warehouse Efficiency


On Hand Quantity

Locate Material Quickly And Logically And Improve Warehouse Efficiency


Work In Progress

WIP Component Issue, WIP Assembly Complete, WIP Assembly Return, WIp Component Return, WIp Component Negative Issue, WIP Negative Return


Move Order

Speed Up your Business with a Single Tap


Pick, Pack, Ship, Unpack

Pick, Pack, Ship, Pack LNP, Unpack LNP

Simplify your Business processes with Mobile Solutions in less than two weeks.

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