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Mobile Inventory Management Apps Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Propel Apps Mobile Inventory Management apps for Oracle are listed on Oracle Cloud Market Place (OCM). These mobile inventory management apps help businesses maintain efficiency and optimize inventory management in their warehouse. Inventory personnel can capture data related to key warehousing activities like goods receipt, issue, cycle counts, etc., quickly and easily. The captured data gets automatically synced to the main Oracle ERP system and the inventory data will be immediately available to both desktop and mobile users and helps in faster decision-making.

Mobile Inventory Management Apps listed on OCM are –

Smart Cycle Counts

Smart Cycle Counts for Oracle Inventory Management AppThe app lets you enter the cycle count entries of already generated cycle count request schedules and verify the inventory accuracy providing an adequate way to identify the root causes of inventory errors.

Click here to interact with Cycle Counts mobile app.

Smart Put Away

Smart Put Away for Oracle Inventory Management AppsSmart PutAway app allows quality inspectors to record accept or reject transactions for all the PO inspections they supervise/conduct with Smart Put Away Solution. The system uses this data to arrive at the right storage bin for the material and makes it available to warehouse staff.

Click here to interact with Putaway mobile app.

Smart Goods Receipt

Smart Goods Receipt for Oracle Mobile Inventory Management AppsThis mobile inventory management app automates goods receipt by enabling smart data capture of inbound stock details through mobile devices of warehouse personnel. Stock entries for goods received via PO, STO and customer returns can be made directly from the mobile app.

Click here to interact with Goods Receipt mobile app.

Smart Move Order

Smart Move Order Oracle Mobile Inventory Management AppsSmart Move Order app allows planners to request the movement of material within the warehouse or facility for replenishment, material storage re-locations and quality handling, etc  and allows the user to scan the bar-code of transferring materials from Source Sub Inventory to Destination Sub Inventory with in your organization.

Click here to interact with Move Order mobile app.

Smart Purchase Order Returns

Smart PO Returns Oracle Mobile Inventory Management AppsThe app allows the Material Handler/Buyer to return delivered externally sourced items in partial or full to Supplier / Retailer and instantly generates the credit memo. For Inventory controlled items, users can specify Lot / Serial / Locators, directly from the mobile app.

Click here to interact with PO Returns mobile app.

Smart Sub-Inventory Transfer

Smart Sub Inventory Transfer Oracle Mobile Inventory AppSub Inventory Transfer app lets the user scan the bar code of Transferring materials from Source Sub-inventory to Destination Sub-inventory with your Current organization by performing Sub-inventory Transfer and ensures material availability in right sub-inventory.

Click here to interact with Sub Inventory Transfer mobile app.

Smart Direct Organization Transfer

Smart Sub Inventory Transfer Oracle Mobile Inventory AppThis mobile inventory management app allows transfer of Items from one Inventory Organization into another Inventory Organization within the Operating unit without any Document Reference by scanning the bar code of Transferring materials.

Click here to interact with Direct Org Transfer mobile app.

Smart Miscellaneous Transaction

Smart Miscellaneous Transaction Oracle Mobile Inventory AppWith Miscellaneous Transaction app, user can issue material to or receive material from general ledger accounts in their current organization. This allows user to issue material to groups that are not inventory, receiving, or work in process such as a research and development group or an accounting department.

Click here to interact with Miscellaneous Transaction mobile app.

Getting our apps published on Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCM) is an important milestone for Propel Apps, Previously Algarytm. We believe OCM is the perfect launchpad for our apps as the platform is trusted by the Oracle user community and helps to market our mobile solutions directly to Oracle’s expansive customer base. These inventory management apps add up to the exisiting set of Approval apps on OCM that are generating a good amount of business.” –Raj Peddisetty, President of Propel Apps.

Our suite of mobile apps for Oracle EBS & Cloud improve both top-line and bottom-line performance for an enterprise by helping it:

  • Accelerate decision making,
  • Reduce manual processing costs,
  • Reduce errors & time lags,
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),
  • And, get higher ROI from Oracle ERP.

Availability – Currently available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and with Propel Apps, Previously Algarytm.

About Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCM) –

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store—a one-stop shop—selling hundreds of business apps and professional services that complement your existing Oracle Cloud implementation. OCM offers a large collection of trusted and innovative apps in many business categories, including marketing, sales, customer service, social, and talent management. It also offers an assortment of services, such as consulting, implementation, integration, and training, to help you transition to the cloud and improve the successful operation of your company.