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State of Enterprise Mobility | Industry Insights

Enterprise mobility exchange has released a report on Enterprise Mobility Insights 2017: A Global Perspective. The report talks about technology trends in areas such as Mobility, IoT, Cloud and others, IT leaders’ top tech priorities, The significance of enterprise mobility and Where the future of business IT is headed. The report is supported with the research data and survey results. Main contributors for this survey include- Managers,  Directors, C-level executives, and VPs. And the top industries represented in this survey are Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy & Gas, Govt.

This article filters down the report to provide Enterprise Mobility insights in infographics in the business landscape of 2017.

  1. Where does mobility rank in your enterprise’s current IT standing?

enterprise mobility insights

2. What kind of Mobile Initiative is being used in your enterprise?strategy type Hybrid COPE BYOD

BYOD is surprassed by COPE and POCE as corporate companies feel more secure in having the ability to control their devices and configure them.

3. Where does Mobile Security rank as a priority in your Enterprise?Priority Mobile Security High Low

Mobile Security is essential for companies to avoid breach of data and secure the enterprise. Mobile security is given a high priority by majority of enterprises participated in the survey.

4. What is the usage of Enterprise Mobile OS?Enterprise Mobile Usage iOS WindowsiOS sstands in the first place for Enterprise Mobile OS and is followed by Windows and Android with a share of 20% and 18%. Blackberry comes in the 4th place with 1%.