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Most of the businesses that thrive in this day and age are those that are reacheable, accessible, and visible. The growing diversity of the market has challenged many businesses to seek ways that their clients and prospective customers can reach them – no matter what they are or where they are in this part of the world. So, if you’ve got a website, that’s a good place to start. If you’re on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that’s even better. And if your clients can also reach you on their mobile, then you’ve got a good headstart in the game. If you still aren’t on the latter, then it’s time to join the ride.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, next to computers and laptops, have become staples in the daily activities of people. It has become a constant companion, wherever they go and whatever they’re doing.

So, why should you start investing in mobile solutions for your wholesale business? Here are three reasons why.

1. Virtualize business and open opportunities

By making your company or business available and reachable on mobile, you create a virtual enterprise that benefits both your workers and customers. Work is not confined to a physical workplace, so more of your workers can work remotely or on-site which can spell more opportunities marketing and networking with prospective clients or business partners.

Mobile apps for your wholesale business also brings you in closer contact with your customers, makes feedback easy, and transations more convenient. Like mass media, you can also even use this to target and reach out to prospective customers in the market.

2. Improve efficiency and productivity

All thanks to the smartphone technology, mobile devices these days have become extensions of our personal computers. As you virtualize your company, you also introduce new ways for your workers to do their jobs wherever they are with just a few taps or clicks on their mobile phones. Sales agents, for example, can accept and process orders even while doing client visits with a handy tablet. Work can be done in real-time. Paperwork, which often takes the bulk of most company and business procedures, can be reduced or streamlined.

3. Enhance feedback and decision-making

One of the many other perks of virtualizing your business is that you can make decisions far easier than before with the help of mobile solutions. Want to check your store’s latest orders? Log on to a mobile program that gives you analytics report of online nrders made. Need to respond to a customer’s query about your shipping options? No need to check into email; just send them an SMS with a programmed message. There are a number of mobile programs and applications that you can build into your system so that you have easy access to reports and statistics and provide you easy feecback and response mechanism to your clients and customers.

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This generation’s consumers are more wired and connected than ever before, and there’s a constant need to reach out to them, make your business visible and within their radar lest they forget. The business of wholesale distribution, given the diversity of activity involved, is one of those areas of the industry where mobile solutions have much promise and potential.