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What common challenges do IT And Mobility Leaders face?

IT professionals face numerous obstacles such as system configuration issues, data leakages and more.  To understand what challenges worry them the most, Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed its audience as part of its annual report on digital transformation. Some of the most popular answers in the survey:

  • Security: With new threats in the enterprise, it is expected that IT leaders should be concerned about preventing the next attack and having the right solutions that can mitigate risk.
  • Lack of resources: Enterprises are ambitious with digital transformation initiatives, but without the right resources and sufficient budget, they might not be able to integrate new technology solutions.
  • Not enough talent: In certain areas of IT, such as cyber security, there seems to be lack of talent in the industry. Without the right people in place, digital transformation could be challenging.
  • Falling behind competition: IT and mobility leaders are under enormous pressure from corporate management to keep up with the technology of competitors.
  • Missing out on data: Large volume of data likely remained untapped. That’s a significant business opportunity that is worrying some people in senior IT roles.

Understanding The Issues That Worry IT Leaders

Workers today are stressed, with mobile technology partially to blame for the additional pressure. However, it seems that senior leaders in charge of mobile technology are also stressed, but for entirely different reasons. To discover what keeps IT and mobility leaders up at night, Enterprise Mobility Exchange asked a few of them in person.

Andrew Dudley, executive director, product engineering at Kaplan says “The one thing that keeps me up the most at night is when you know that the organization can move faster, but it’s just not set up for it. Where that comes out is when the teams in the organization are focused on processes that are put in place to drive organization efficiency. But, at the same time, what the organization might need is innovation, or might need to break that mold in order to [solve] a quick problem. And it’s not set up in a way to break away from that process.”

With numerous challenges on the horizon, IT leaders need to make sure that their organizations can adapt to new changes.

“What keeps me up the most at night would be leaving things on the table,” said Don Coates, manager of integrated digital development services at Northrup Grumman. “For my customers and my users, knowing that they have struggles in how they do their work and not being able to deliver a solution for them because of lack of knowledge about what’s available, the technology, and the capabilities in the mobile workspace. Just lack of knowledge.”

It is imperative that IT leaders also leverage continuing education opportunities about the latest solutions in mobility.

“I would say the one thing that keeps me up the most with enterprise application deployments is probably less on the application itself and more on everything else that goes into doing it,” said Joe Rago, director of digital innovation at ULTA Beauty. “Whether it’s devices and lifecycle management, networking, being able to keep devices up-to-date OS-wise. I think it’s all of the other [aspects] of what makes an app successful that I think keeps me up at night more so than the actual app itself that we’re building.”

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