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Build Apps Faster with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)

Mobile phones and apps blurred the boundaries between professional and private spaces and led the companies to provide smartphones and mobile applications to employees. When competitors implemented enterprise mobility and are reaping the benefits of mobile apps, other enterprises started searching for ways to rapidly build mobile apps and connect to back end systems. With the no. of companies looking for faster deployment of apps, companies like Oracle has come up with middleware products like Oracle  Mobile Cloud Service to make the job of mobile developers and service developers easier. In this article, i will brief on Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), its features and how it benefits developers to rapidly build mobile applications.

What is Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)?

Mobile App Service developers spend most of their time connecting the app to back end rather than building the app. Connecting to backend is a time consuming and daunting task, however with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), the activities are simple. MCS is Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) that allows you to rapidly build mobile apps with minimal effort, by providing a rich set of mobile platform and client development services that allow Mobile App Developers to focus on Design and Creativity. Mobile Cloud Service is agnostic to client development tools, provides integrated security and has features to measure & optimize customer engagement. MCS has built-in API’s that provides support for:

  • Mobile User Management with built-in “Platform APIs”
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Provides Database Storage & Content Storage
  • Content Storage
  • Deep Insights & Analytics
  • Offline Data & Syncing

In addition to the built-in APIs, Custom API’s can be written using Java Script and provides developer the ability to quickly connect, shape and transform backend data before exposing it as a RESTful API to your mobile application.

Have you ever faced network issues using mobile apps for business purposes? You must have. MCS solves this problem by enabling developers to build mobile apps to perform tasks in offline mode and all the required programming for mobile developers is taken care of automatically. Through MCS location based services that use beacon technology, Companies can track employee attendance and make the communications relevant to their employees by providing the right information at the right time.

MCS provides access to enterprise security features through Mobile Backend (MBE). Mobile Backend is a logical grouping of resources for an app or group of apps. Through basic auth and/or OAuth2.0., MBE provides the gateway for your app to access MCS assets. What this means is all the resources provided by MCS are secured by default, such as storage in collections, custom API endpoints, and more.

build mobile apps with Oracle MCS Mobile Backend Oracle cloud mobile apps

Other Oracle MCS Features

  • MCS integrates with Syniverse, allowing you to send SMS messages to the mobile app users irrespective of platform.
  • Through Express API Designer, developer can create custom APIs in a few minutes with zero code.
  • Mobile App developers can connect and authenticate with MCS easier by using Client SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows .NET and JavaScript.
  • Provides ability to make a quick change to a mobile backend that’s already been published, without having to force a re-install of your client app in certain cases.
  • Business users can build mobile apps with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service in minutes using Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) and get a new path in the API Designer for creating the resources your MAX users rely on.

As a whole, MCS, in comparison with native approaches, benefits developers by saving their time and improving their productivity and companies by saving resources and rolling out the solution rapidly.

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Guide To Build Oracle Mobile Applications With Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

If you are looking to build mobile apps with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, check our End to End Guide on developing an Oracle EBS mobile application in Ionic framework.

The document portrays a scenario of our Smart Expense Approval App for Oracle EBS using Integrated SOA as gateway and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service as middleware.