Why Your Business Needs Mobile Inventory Management Solutions  

Customers expect their product to be delivered on time or else they will look for alternatives. Organizations aim to reduce lead time by optimizing inventory management, but face challenges like non-real-time data availability and lag in inventory transfers to the right location.

In this article, explore the benefits of mobile inventory management solutions for warehouses in addressing inventory issues and preventing frequent shortages. 


Companies must efficiently manage inventory across warehouses by tracking items and minimizing sub-inventories, ensuring timely & efficient delivery of finished products. Real-time data shortages cause high lead times, under/overstocking, sales loss, cash crunch, and damage a company’s reputation. However, mobile apps address this issue by providing real-time information that Oracle EBS cannot provide. The inventory department greatly benefits from the use of mobile apps, which provide material handlers with notifications and easy-to-carry features.

Companies can improve warehouse operational efficiency and increase labor productivity by enabling smart data capture via mobile devices. Employees commonly record data on the job and submit it for manual entry into the inventory management system; however, this process is error-prone, time-consuming, and provides no real-time visibility into the inventory status. By using the inventory mobile app for Oracle EBS, material handlers can quickly transfer goods to the destination location with a touch of a button. 

Benefits of Adopting Mobile Inventory Management  

  1. Real-time access to information 
  2. Faster decision making 
  3. Automated data processing 
  4. Easy to use 
  5. Improves productivity 
  6. More sales 

Note: Ensure inventory is at the right place and time with inventory transfer mobile apps for Oracle EBS. 

Our Innovation Towards the Best Mobile Inventory Management App 

For businesses utilizing Oracle EBS, Propel Apps has developed the inventory management apps. Inventory staff can use these real-time inventory management mobile software apps to scan barcodes on products and capture data for receiving, transferring, and storing. Also, Sub-inventory and Direct Organization Transfer are hybrid stock transfer apps using the Ionic framework, published on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. These apps work with Oracle EBS Inventory Module but have too many functionalities for material handlers, making them difficult to use. Therefore, they should be micro-friendly and cater to material handler needs. 

Mobile Inventory Warehouse Management

Leverage Mobile Inventory Management App to Achieve Greater Transfer Accuracy 

Smart Sub Inventory Transfer  

Smart Sub Inventory Transfer enables material handlers to transfer materials between sub inventories or locators within the same organization. Generally, it features barcode scanning for data collection and automatically transfers materials from source to destination. 

Using this app, a material handler can perform the following functions:

  • Select Source or Destination Locators 
  • Select Lot or Serial Controllers 
  • Scan or Enter the Quantity 
  • Scan or Query the item 
  • Select Source or Destination Sub Inventory 

Smart Direct Organization Transfer 

Smart direct Org Transfer helps material handlers transfer Items from one inventory organization into another within the same operating unit without any document reference by selecting the right destination’s sub inventory from the inventory organization. 

Using this app, a material handler can perform the following functions:  

  • Scan barcode for direct-org transfer of materials from the source inventory organization to the destination inventory organization within the same operating unit. 
  • Scan or query the item 
  • Select Source or Destination Sub Inventory from Source or Destination Inventory Organization 
  • Select Source or Destination Locators from Source or Destination Inventory Organization 
  • Select a Lot or Serial Controllers 
  • Scan or Enter the Quantity 


By scanning the materials and providing instant access to real-time information, these inventory planning solutions increase the efficiency of material handlers while minimizing the cost, errors, and delays caused by manual processing. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace has accredited this inventory mobile app, which is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones, as well as tablets, desktops, and laptops. 

At Propel Apps, we have created a comprehensive inventory management solution that connects with Oracle EBS, Cloud and SAP S/4HANA. Get in touch with us for a live demo.

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