Propel Apps: Catalyzing Labor Productivity in Supply Chains Post-Pandemic 

The business world has been grappling with an acute labor challenge, a situation that the COVID-19 pandemic brought into the spotlight. Supply chain organizations face challenges in locating, hiring, and training material handlers for warehouses, shops, and distribution centers. The use of outdated software systems with telnets has magnified these issues, leading to job dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.

In this environment, Propel Apps has emerged as a critical partner for supply chain managers, offering digital tools that transform the user experience and dramatically enhance labor productivity. 

Supply Chain Labor Productivity

Boost Labor Productivity in the Supply Chain with Propel Apps

According to Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) survey conducted on 200 senior-level supply chain executives reveals that post covid-19 pandemic enterprises are driving to make their supply chains more resilient, collaborative and networked.

Are you one among those enterprises looking to achieve this and increase your labor productivity? We at Propel Apps are here to help you with the best mobile solutions along with cutting edge features.

The Challenge of Outdated Systems 

Supply chain managers are dealing with the Herculean task of running warehouse and manufacturing operations despite severe labor shortages. Many found that their reliance on legacy telnet-based solutions running on Windows CE and Windows Mobile was a significant hindrance. Material handlers are leaving due to dissatisfaction with the increasing prevalence of outdated black and white screen barcode scanning and inventory management systems. The need for an evolved, modern user-friendly system became undeniable. 

Empowering Material Handlers with Modern Digital Tools 

Recognizing that bringing material handlers quickly up to speed was crucial, industrial organizations sought to move away from systems of the 1990s that hindered productivity. Even with modern systems like SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle EBS R12 or Oracle SCM Cloud in place, the simple, efficient user experience required in the supply chain was lacking. Propel Apps addressed this gap with its Supply Chain Platform, which provides an intuitive user experience designed through Design Thinking methodology. Propel Apps’ customer reported that material handlers could adopt the platform with minimal to no formal training. The platform’s Android-based UI, which is similar to smartphones, helped a smooth transition, making extensive manuals and training unnecessary. 

Boosting Productivity Through Measurement and Rewards 

The challenge of enhancing labor productivity on the shop floor and in warehouses is amplified by the incapacity to scale up hiring to meet rising service and product demand. Propel Apps’ modern digital tools, such as advanced barcode scanning solutions, enable organizations to measure and track material handler performance accurately. According to this data, companies who implement gamified work cultures and offer promotions, bonuses, and gift cards to their top performers will see an increase in employee motivation and productivity. 


The post-pandemic era has made it clear that labor productivity is a non-negotiable priority for supply chain success. Propel Apps stands as an enabler for organizations, turning the tide with its modern, user-centric digital tools that ensure rapid onboarding, enhanced satisfaction, and improved productivity among material handlers. This provides material handlers with advanced technology, transforming businesses and enabling them to adapt to the new normal.

At Propel Apps, we’re committed to resolving the labor challenges faced by supply chain operators by providing easy-to-use digital solutions. Contact us to explore how our expertise can enhance workforce productivity and drive your operations.

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