Eliminate Remote Workforce Challenges While Achieving Full Supply Chain Visibility

The rise of remote work offers a plethora of benefits for both employers and employees, but it also presents distinct challenges. Fostering effective communication and collaboration can be difficult when team members are scattered across different locations. Maintaining company culture and a sense of belonging can also be tricky in a remote setting. Additionally, ensuring employees have the proper tools and technology to be productive remotely is crucial. This article will delve into these Remote Workforce Challenges and explore strategies for overcoming them to create a successful remote work environment.

Remote Workforce Challenges

The Complex Web of Warehouse Operations

It’s widely acknowledged that asset-intensive industries face connectivity challenges in their remote plants and warehouses, necessitating prompt digitalization to enable their workforce to efficiently execute vital warehouse tasks. Managing warehouse operations is complex, involving procurement, storage, and transportation across multiple remote sites. Automating these processes significantly enhances efficiency and transparency in tracking goods from procurement to delivery, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction within the organization’s supply chain ecosystem.

Does the Best ERP Software Solve the Warehouse Challenges

Even with top-tier ERP software like SAP or Oracle in place, numerous companies find themselves grappling with the essential agility and efficiency required in their warehouse operations. This struggle often leads to a failure to attain the anticipated return on investment (Roi), primarily due to the persistent dependence on manual, paper-based processes. These outdated methods hinder complete visibility and access to real-time data, further exacerbating the challenge. Additionally, the lack of transparency leaves managers in the dark regarding the actual status of material movements, delivery times, and the quality of goods dispatched from their warehouses to customers.

Let’s envision an organization headquartered in Houston, Texas, with plants and warehouses scattered across multiple locations. Leveraging an ERP system like Oracle or SAP, the organization can automate its purchasing and material functions, maintaining comprehensive records of material movements and transactions. However, the challenge arises in the plants and warehouses where these movements occur. Can a manager in Houston effectively monitor stock transfers from Plant A at Dallas to Plant B at Boston?

Are frontline workers equipped to access Oracle master data or update material statuses back at headquarters? Without real-time data transfer, visibility into supply chain processes diminishes. The solution lies in a mobile SCM platform bridging headquarters and remote sites. Seamlessly integrating with the organization’s centralized ERP system, this mobile SCM solution empowers frontline staff to interact with backend personnel, significantly enhancing transparency and visibility across supply chain operations.

Explore Propel Apps’ SCM Solution and its Top Benefits

Propel Apps, a leading digital transformation company offers a mobile SCM solution that seamlessly connects with Oracle and SAP to digitize the entire gamut of your organization’s supply chain operations. Whether you are procuring, sorting, storing or transporting your stock to the final customers, you get complete visibility and transparency at every stage of your supply chain operations.

Using the mobile SCM solution, your organization can perform myriad inventory transactions via handheld devices and laptops by accessing the master data of SAP or Oracle. What’s more? This solution even works offline, making it highly suitable for remote locations of your plants and warehouses with low internet connectivity, while offering flexibility to customize the solution, as per your unique business requirements.

Top Benefits of Propel Apps’ Mobile SCM solution

  • Run operations in auto-pilot mode
  • Gain 100% inventory accuracy
  • Minimize turnaround time and cycle counts
  • Ensure lower operating costs, improving your organization’s Roi
  • Eliminate cumbersome, manual based processes
  • Gain high-level visibility and transparency into your supply chain operations

We would like to showcase how our mobile SCM solution can complete your journey of digital transformation, paving way for a more efficient, error-free warehouse transaction processing. To know more about our solution, schedule a call with us.

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