3 Critical Asset Maintenance Processes and a Mobile Solution 

Let’s explore the critical asset maintenance processes you need to digitalize through a best-in-class mobile maintenance management solution that connects to your existing systems such as Oracle EBS, EAM, Oracle Maintenance Cloud or SAP S/4 HANA 

Introduction to Asset Maintenance

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, asset reliability is critical to the success of asset-intensive businesses. However, traditional maintenance management processes that rely on paper forms and siloed systems can lead to inefficiencies, costly errors, and unexpected downtime. This is where mobile maintenance management comes into picture. By digitizing maintenance processes and connecting technicians with back-office planners and schedulers in real-time, mobile maintenance management solutions can enhance communication, improve decision-making, and boost asset reliability.  

3 Critical Asset Maintenance Processes That Need Mobile Solution

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 

Effective maintenance planning and scheduling requires real-time communication across your maintenance organization. Maintenance planners should know the spare parts availability. Apart from that, the warehouse manager should know the upcoming work orders to plan inventory. However, traditional paper forms and siloed systems do not provide real-time data on the availability of parts and resources, which can lead to equipment failure and unplanned downtime.  

To address these challenges, there is a growing need to digitalize planning and scheduling processes using mobile plant maintenance solutions. Digitization of your asset management provides you with real-time data and enhances communication between field technicians and back-office maintenance teams. It enables informed decision-making about maintenance work orders, parts procurement, and scheduling of tasks. This improves overall equipment efficiency, reduces downtime, and enables technicians to prioritize maintenance tasks based on urgency. 

Operator Rounds 

Asset-intensive companies rely heavily on the uptime of their equipment. Every single minute of operation is crucial, and any unexpected downtime can cause severe financial losses. Technicians who identify critical issues need to act fast and create a work order or push a notification to resolve the problem immediately.  

However, most operators still use traditional methods like carrying clipboards and submitting paper forms after completing rounds. This process is time-consuming and often results in unplanned downtime, causing a significant impact on productivity and revenue.  

To address these challenges, asset-intensive companies should embrace mobile solutions that replace paper forms and allow operators to connect with EAM systems in real-time. By doing so, operators can quickly identify critical issues and create work orders on the spot, reducing the time needed to resolve problems.  

The adoption of mobile solutions also enhances occupational safety by providing real-time visibility into equipment performance, allowing operators to make informed decisions and prioritize maintenance tasks based on the urgency of the issue. Additionally, connecting operators with EAM systems improves operational efficiency by enabling predictive maintenance, reducing the likelihood of unexpected downtime, and maximizing equipment uptime. 

MRO Value Chain 

The Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) value chain is essential for any plant’s productivity. Even the unavailability of a single nut can cause delays on the production line and incur significant losses to the company. However, MRO is also an area that can be prone to risky purchases and rogue spending, leading to higher inventory carrying costs.  

To overcome these challenges and ensure the smooth operation of production lines while keeping inventory costs in check, companies must gain a comprehensive view of their MRO value chains. This is where digitalizing MRO processes through a mobile supply chain management solution comes in handy. Through digitalization, you can break data silos and gain a comprehensive view into upcoming work orders and spare parts availability.  

With this information, your inventory managers can make well-informed decisions about procurements. They can maintain optimal inventory levels, eliminating the need for emergency purchases.  

Digitalizing MRO processes enhances collaboration and communication among the plant’s workforces. With mobile-enabled access to real-time data, plant managers can track and monitor progress, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict equipment failures, enabling them to take proactive measures to prevent downtime. 

Pro Tip 

You can find many mobile maintenance management solutions in the market. If you want to redefine your maintenance operations through digitalization, consider deploying a mobile solution that connects your frontline maintenance workers with the EAM systems directly. Only then can you eliminate data errors, work duplications, and data silos.  

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