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Achieving Your Business Goals with Mobile Solutions | Wholesale Distribution

Wondering how you can make order placement easier, convenient and more user-friendly for your customers? Thinking about how you can streamline business procedures for your workers? While your company website and internal business procedures may work for you, there’s still a constant challenge to provide more options to up customer experience and streamline company processes. Let’s take a look at four key business goals in a wholesale distribution business and the possible mobile solutions to complement company procedures.

Business Goals for Wholesale Distribution

Supply and Manufacturing Productivity

One of the key engagements of a wholesale distributor is with suppliers and manufacturers. There’s constant activity involving placing orders with manufacturers, coordinating and managing product deliveries and working with suppliers.

You can explore a mobile application for tracking transactions with your manufacturers, such as order placement, delivery and item inventory. Company documentation may be streamlined into a system that can be accessed on mobile by your workers and personnel so they have access to order forms, inventory templates, or delivery invoices wherever they are.

Employee Productivity

A wholesale distribution business, like any business, is also about managing people. You can look into a mobile app that you can use to send out alerts and notifications to your employees about things like company meetings or schedule shifts. It’s also good if most of your employees do on-the-site work and seldom report to the office.


Sales Management

Sales drives your business. Next to manufacturers and direct users, a wholesale distributor’s other important dealings are with clients and retailers. Your sales department should be aggressive and ready with clients’ demands and orders.

Improve sales productivity by looking at mobile solutions that can facilitate streamlined and faster transaction with clients. Look into a mobile tool that allows your sales agents to manage client accounts anytime, anywhere.

Drive sales through improved market research and customer insight. A mobile app that provides you with analytics on product sales trend in your company is worth exploring.

Customer Satisfaction

The end goal of mobile solution is, of course, to deliver customer experience that will inspire trust and get them to transact with your business again in the future, and most mobile solutions are oriented on this goal.

Show your customers your own brand of business by making their dealings with you convenient and easy. Simplify order placement through a mobile application that they can use anytime. Display customer care by sending out order and delivery updates to their mobile. Make payment more convenient through mobile cash transfer.

All these business goals may be achieved with the right kind and the right blend of mobile solutions.