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The 3Ws of Mobile Solutions that You Need to Know

The digital world has made breakthroughs in industries with many businesses and enterprises going into remote and online transactions, and lately, tapping into mobile opportunities and solutions. With more people always on the go and using their mobile devices, mobile solutions are the perfect business strategy to reach out to more potential customers. But what exactly are mobile solutions and how can these be used in a wholesale distribution business? We’re taking a quick look at the 3Ws of mobile solutions that you need to know before joining the bandwagon.

The What

Mobile solutions are technologies designed specifically to work on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to enhance functionality and transactions of enterprises and businesses.

You may have a physical office or store where you conduct your business, or an online presence in the form of a website that your customers can check out and use to transact with you. Mobile solutions are your third type of business strategy where you can migrate your business systems and processes onto the mobile platforms to make your business more accessible to your, your employees, or clients on their mobile device.

These mobile solutions can range from a mobile design of your company’s website to a mobile application of your business that customers can use to check your products or a software or program that allows your employees to process transactions with your head office remotely using their mobile devices.

The Why

The best incentive of mobile solutions especially for large businesses such as a wholesale distribution company is the increased productivity and effectivity it offers. A large company like your wholesale distribution business is engaged in various transactions with a number of groups, from manufacturers and suppliers to clients and end users, and thus, a mobile solutions can help you streamline and simplify your processes with these groups.

It’s also even more beneficial for large companies that employ a big number of employees that work on the field. This can employees to seamlessly work remotely and while on the go.

The Who

Your best bet if you’re investing in a mobile solutions is a trusted mobile solutions provider that can offer the best mobile solutions that suit your business needs. For example, some solutions may work with online support, but based on client’s need, solution providers can also develop solutions that work offline. Besides track record, a good mobile solutions vendor should also manifest innovation in design. Choose a vendor that can help you design a solution that fit your needs and provide enhanced functionality and performance.